Hotties and Totties .. Reminder of the Victoria Secret's CBS special..

Who loves ya guys??? … that’s who! Yea, I know how you firemen are so I figured I had better remind you of the Victoria’s Secretions TV special coming up on Tuesday night at 10pm (EST) on CBS. I even put a “countdown” to the show over on the right side bar. Here’s a decent video as well ….

Check out the links for the show from my original post HERE.

I hope you guys know that I take a ton of grief from my female followers. I get comments like…

 “How come you don’t post pics of 1/2 naked men?” … and become “just another site” like Fire Critic???  I think NOT.

“Why does every post have to have pics of 1/2 naked women?  BLAH  BLAH  BLAH” …. Honestly… because I’m too scared to post full nudity YET.. LMAO.

All kidding aside … I hear ya ladies. And, this wouldn’t be if I didn’t do everything possible to keep all my readers happy…. male and female.  You want it… you got it ….

Can those shorts ride ANY higher?? OMG just look at that butt! And those hooker boots…ummmm, ummmm

Those “pecks” are screaming… “rub some tanning lotion on me” ….

I know..wish you were a rubber duckie right???

Ok… now easy gals… control yourselves!  Let it not be said again that is sexist!  LMAO …  I hope you Jakes appreciate what I have to go through just to post a few “ling-a-ree” pics / videos every now and then.

Tuesday night, November 30th @ 10pm EST on CBS….  Tacos and totties at my place… see ya there but until then stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines