UPDATE: Roanoke, Va multi-alarm fire @ Days Inn

“Fire Boy” Rhett Fleitz..aka The Fire Critic is on scene of the multi-alarm fire in Roanoke. Rhett reports that the building remains heavily involved with fire and Roanoke’s bravest are at work. The roof has been cut, ladders are up and master streams flowing. As if the job isn’t hard enough, our brothers and sisters have even more to deal with. How’s this for a ” Pic of the day”? …

photo by Rhett Fleitz

Here’s a shot from the rear ….

photo by Rhett Fleitz

and video from WDBJ 7 (our local news) below

I should also note, that for many of the brothers and sisters on scene; this is their 2nd fire of the tour. There was an earlier fire in the 800 blk of Patterson Ave this morning. The boys have to be exhausted! The department has called back only 4 members at this time. Roanoke County is providing mutual-aid with at least an air supply truck on scene. It is unknown by me if they are filling our stations at this time or not. More details as soon as they are available.

Be smart and safe brothers!

Captain Wines