IBM's computer "Watson" on Jeopardy … could this be the "next best thing" for EMS?

I’m sure you’ve all see or at least heard about it by now. IBM has created a computer with near human like attributes. The computer competed against 2 humans on the hit TV game show Jeopardy…. yea … it won.

Danny Groner over on The Huffington Post wrote “Watson’s Jeopardy! Win: What did we Discover?”  

In his article, Groner wrote   “Watson and its similar prototypes will move on from here to big projects like improving health care delivery and smartphone technology.”   HEALTH CARE DELIVERY??  Did I read that right?

Alex Trebek (Jeopardy’s host) said ” we’re going to insert a computer into all of this … let’s see what happens”.

Ahhhh!   I see …now I get it …..

We can  put these  “Watson” computer thingies on our rigs …. fire trucks and ambulances…. its GENIOUS!   I can see it now….

Captain:  Watson, it’s 02:30 am and we are responding along with Medic 1  to the pay phone at the corner of Main Street and 1st Ave. for a 30 year old female who has been experiencing “left toe pain” for the past 10 days.

Watson: (in that weird computer voice) WTF! Captain are you kidding me? I recommend changing our destination to the dispatch center because obviously one of our dispatchers is having a medical emergency. Nobody in their right mind would send 911 emergency resources to this caller.

Watson continues: What about her right toe Captain? She walked to the pay phone and the hospital is just a block and a half away. Have dispatch do a “call back” and advise the caller to head South.

LMAO ….  BEAUTIFUL!  Where has IBM been all this time?

We could even put one down in our dispatch center to take care of the “BS” calls before they get to us ….

Watson : 911 what is you emergency?

Caller: I need a ambulampz to 123 Alphabet skreet.

Watson : What is you emergency Sir … what do you need an ambulance for?

Caller : My sisters boyfriends second cousins niece has a headache.

Watson : Did you say “headache” Sir??

Caller : Yea… that’s right. Says she feels like it’s gonna blow off her shoulders. They was over at the club drinking gin and juice and I think the mix was a little tight. Know what I’m saying? Anyway, she drove over here and my uncle’s grandson has a daughter who works in a nursing home and she says we need to get her to the hospital.

Watson :  …. CLICK


NOTE: This is in NO WAY a jab at our dispatchers. They do a fantastic job and I realize that their hands are “tied” when it comes to a lot of these calls…. I just thought the idea was funny.

Yall stay safe and in house …. it’s been wide open here. Fire last night and big Haz-Mat incident today… I’ll update ya later tonight.

Captain Wines