lands in Orange Co. California

LMAO .. I was gonna say the “Eagle has landed” and use the pic from the moon landing but with this group of guys, its more like a bunch of buzzards that have swooped in!

I arrived a few hours ago with my brothers and fellow team mates from the Roanoke Rampage Football Team.

Those of you who follow the site know that we play in the National Public Safety Football League   for charity.

Our 2nd season in the league hasn’t been one to write home about. We are 1-2 with 2 away games remaining. We have seen some serious injuries this season and attendance has been low. Hopefully we can / will turn things around this week.

We are here to play  The Orange County Lawmen .  It should be a good game.

I have several connections here in California. We’re gonna stay a few extra days and visit some friends and firehouses.

I can’t wait to see some of the wooden ladders that they still use here.

My baby sister (who’s now all grown up) also lives here in OC. That’s her with a couple of her girlfriends (she’s 2nd from the right).

It’s been a long day just getting here. Several of us missed our flights out but it all worked out and we are here safe and sound.

I’m excited to see this part of the Country and meet some of the folks. I’m gonna catch a quick shower and then head to the hospitality room to meet some of the OC Lawmen…

“Lawmen” …hummmmm reminds me of a movie I once seen ….

I’ll update ya when I can .. until then, stay safe and in house … we’ll do what we can from this end.

Captain Wines