West Coast hospitality

Our West Coast Brothers have already proven to be GREAT hosts.  The Orange County Lawmen are taking very good care of the Rampage. This OC place is pretty cool as well but the time difference is proving a little difficult to adjust to (for me anyway).

So, last night my baby sister came to the hotel after she got off work. It took all my energy to keep the boys a safe distance … LOL. 

Yea.. my little sister has grown up.

It was worth the trip just to get to see and spend the time with her last night. She’ll make the game and after party with us tonight and then she is putting a few of us “up” at her place on Sunday.

We plan to hit the beach, a few fire stations, Hollywood and who knows what else.

Of course, I have some plans of my own …..

I’m gonna try to track down that Captain Joe Schmoe  guy …. I know he live on this coast somewhere … how hard could it be to find a man in the desert?

I also want to look into raising rabbits. I’ve heard there’s some kind of farm out here that grows em good … “The Bunny Ranch” I think they call it. Don’t worry .. I’ll take plenty of pics.

Speaking of pics, here are a few from last night … as I said, The OC Lawmen are GREAT hosts. They had a hospitality room for us .. tub full of  beer, pizza and brotherhood .

We paly at 3pm today .. game film and walk through before hand. An after party tonight and who knows what else. I’ll update ya as soon as possible…

until then stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines