• Bill Meador

    I like your site.Good commentary and sense of humour.Keep up the good work.Bill

    • Thanks Bill. Good to see and hear from ya! Thanks for reading / following. Hope you have a safe and happy Holiday. Willie

  • RFDDavid

    how many ladder companies does Roanoke City have and which of those are quints?

    • We have 4 ladder companies but your question is a difficult one. Of the 4 in service, “technically” only 1 is (or run as a “quint”). The flip side to that is our reserve fleet. The honest awnser is that as far as ladders go… we never really know what we are getting. It’s the “bean counters” playing the numbers. Sometimes it’s a ladder, others it’s an engine

      • RFDDavid

        i guess i should have been more specific. i was looking at the pictures from the days inn fire yesterday and noticed ladder 2. is that a quint or strictly a ladder truck? i ask because i saw the engine parked so close and figured it was pumping the elevated master stream. i also saw a squirt but did notice it was labeled as an engine. do you guys like the squirts? never have been a fan of them personally. great blog you got! i read it everyday. keep up the good work. David, Richmond Fire

        • LMAO.. you guys (Richmond..the first RFD..) screwed us on the quint / squirts (just kidding). Well kind of anyway. Yea .. thats another first for you guys but in reality, a former Chief of ours from Kalamazoo, Mich. came in and began buying quints and squirts. NO..we don’t like em. Our Union fought against them for multiple reasons ..man power cuts etc and lost. Our admin argued the oppisite and now, years later; we (L-1132) was right and the citizens (tax payers) were fooled. The squirts are run as “Engines”. It’s difficult to lay line and the “squirt” is hardly (almost never) used. A waste of space, weight and money. The “quints” are called “ladders” and are basicly the same as the “squirt. Poorly designed. Single axle, 300 gal tanks and a cluster “F” of a hose bed that takes up what could have been good space for a ladder truck. The quints are 75′ and useless. Now, that said, Ladder 2 is a nice rig. Our first and only bucket. Yes it has a pump and cross lays but more ofter than not, we will use an engine to suppy it. Ladder 7 and 5 are also newer ladders. Again, purchased with their own pump etc. Our older “quints” are held in reserve (old Ladders 7 and 13). Hope that helps …. thanks for reading / following along. Stay safe, in house and say hello to Dave Pullon

  • Obencha5

    Thank you for remembering Billy. You guys are so special.

  • Lee Powell

    Great site Capt. I was wondering if you could some how share some tricks of the trade and little things that you and others do to make the job easier.

    Thanks and Keep up the great work!!
    Lt. Lee Powell
    Burnt Chimney Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • Ronaokerampagefootballteam

    I am tired of this never updated rag of a web site, I am going to get my News from the Fire crtic or statter for now on!!!!!!!! Stone

  • I’m a filmmaker based in Provo, Utah, and I filmed a house burning down and the Provo Fire Department rushing to the rescue. They risked their lives to enter the burning house and make sure no one was inside. I’d like to thank firemen everywhere for their courage. Footage can be seen here:
    http://blog.danielbeanfilms.com/2011/07/01/filming-a-house-burning-down/Feel free to re-post this material to your blog.

  • NathanEnyart151

    Well I just want to let you know that your articles make my day. Especially when you talk about the little Buckaroo and the rookie. And your comment in this article about the wine sniffing. Now that had me laughing. Fancy food is all all right but just give me good country cookin anytime. Keep up the good work stay safe and stay low. Oh yea do you have insurance on that Mustache of yours? It gets much longer you will have to start putting it in curlers LMAO.

    • LMAO … now THAT’S funny! Hey brother, thanks for following along and taking the time to comment. Stay tuned … you’ll be seeing a lot of the Buckaroo and Randy. Thanks again .. Captain Wines

  • bill strain

    thanks for letting me talk about kenneth,did you get the poem book?

    • Bill, I did buy the book. After our conversation, I walked straight over and bought it. I stood there and read it SPEACHLESS. THANK YOU so much for sharing that with me. I want to put it up here but need the time to type it all our (I’d love to find a copy on line so I can cut and paste). If I dont get the entire poem up, I at least plan on a post about your interview, Kenneth and the poem. AGAIN … THANK YOU so much … please know that I’m here if you should ever need ANYTHING! Captain Wines

  • So Capt, I’ve gotta ask…When will you head south for a visit? I know I’ve got some guys that need to know what a real ‘stache looks like.

    • LOL.. Have bags .. will Travel !

      • Well come on down then! I’d be happy to put you up and tour you around the area and stations.

  • billy joe carter

    Hey willie.This is billy joe I would like to say keep up the good work I think your site is great and has some funny stuff in it man and thanks for putting me out their and doing your home work on me you got it all right shit you don’t need to be a ff hell get a news job because that seems that’s all you do but I like it and my back ground O that’s true good job but man I have to say you seem a little gay or your in love with me and that’s cool

    • No problem and THANKS Jim Bob … means a lot to me coming from you. Keep up the good work 😉

  • billy joe carter

    Now you have my email so send me one anytime hell let’s just stay in touch every day I will keep you up to date on us hillbillies but I will tell you if I was looking I would have found you so stop playing games and grow up put your big boy gear on and do your job or you may not have one and their is always 2 sides to everthing so call or email me anytime and I will give you mine so that way you can report both sides and people like you are the reason I’m fighting so hard cause you and others forget where you come from but me I know and I also know the truth a mans life was saved that night was it done the right way no but I put my life on the line to save another and that’s what we are here for so I’m sorry if I made all ff look bad for saving a life then I’m sorry but if u are the man u say u r I know u would have done it to so let’s put this to rest I’m not going to bad mouth u or make fun of u which is very easy to do I’m going respect what u write and respect that u are a ff but I ask for the same if not then well we may have to have a face to face so in closing I ask that u get both sides and the truth but I really do like the site willie jr take care and besafe and if u ever need to know something just call me O I forgot its not a problem with paid guys its a problem with who they work for so I will be praying for u and your guys take care good luck and sorry all this was done by phone so try not to make to much fun of it plz thanks billy joe carter

  • billy joe carter

    Come on willie let’s talk did u get both sides and my name is billy joe carter not jim bob try to be a man you called me out and I’m here ready to talk still see you have me on their cool deal I love it we should meet and do lunch one day and you will see I’m not the bad guy you make me out to be so give me an email or come to buchanan to the fire house you will find me in the chiefs office so come on down willie

  • courtney sparks

    first off clean out your own closet before you even attempt to clean out billy joes! he has done way more for the community then you are even trying to give him credit for! and he has done a heck of alot for me and my family so im not about to sit here and watched you talk about him like some kind of dog. you wernt running your mouth when he was saving lives were you? i didnt hardly think so! he was/is one hell of a fire chief he is the only person i can say dropped what he was doing at any secound to be the first on a call and he risked his life for everyone else’s probley your own families and you got some kinda nerve? over my dead body! if you dont know what really happend (and truth of the matter is nobody does except for billy joe himself) then shut your friggin mouths! is everyone really going to run off small town drama? because i have to say that is absolutely pathetic! anyone was stupid for letting him be less than anything other than chief! he earned that spot more than anyone in this world and more so he deserves a heck of alot more respect than he is getting! i strongly suggest you get off your high horses and take a good look around and maybe put some thaught into the crap you are saying and doing. all these ridiculaus charges outta be dropped carter hasnt done a thing other than put his effert with helping people! on that note i hope your happy with yourself because you discust me along with others! thanks a ton for your time! low life fools stop talking about others to make yourselves feel better…absolutely pathetic!

  • Captain, my daughter is married to a Victoria, TX firefighter and has made us aware of a “What is a FireWife” t-shirt campaign. Thought your guys might be interested for their wives! Please forward to other stations if you think others would be interested. #13 is the station covering our neighborhood!

    Jackie Ranney
    Dallas, TX

  • Hi, Captain
    Stumbled upon your site after doing search for fire safety or something like that. You look familiar to me, maybe I saw you at FDIC in Indy this past April? Or have you been to the NFFF Memorial Weekend in Emmitsburg? Check out my website at http://www.WiseHeartScents.scentsy.us. It’s an old picture on there but maybe I look familiar to you?