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It's been a terrible and horrific week for Public Safety. Please continue to keep the Departments, family and friends of our fallen in your thoughts and prayers. Also remember that all across this country, members are pulling a tour.... today, tonight, tomorrow and everyday day / hour after. That's how we honor the fallen ... by putting our boots on, getting back on the rig and doing our job!

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Where will you be?


The 30th Annual National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial Weekend will be held this weekend, October 14th-16th…… Will   YOU   be there? YOU SHOULD BE! The Fire Critic ( Rhett Fleitz ) and I will be there. In my mind, this event should top your travel priorities for the year. Before you make FDIC, Firehouse Expo, FRI or any other convention / show, you ...

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Less than 12 hrs til 4 day


We’re winding down a fairly busy cycle. It’s been a good week but I’m ready for our 4-day break! I think Randy is looking forward to it as well. This week’s training centered around “calling the MAYDAY”, “Search and Rescue” and “Vent Enter Search”. Of course, we caught our normal run load and had some cleaning to do in between… ...

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Back to duty ….


Well, vacation is over and I’m back to duty. I was kinda hoping for a slow day but in the Fire Department, that’s always a gamble. Our Battalion Chief is off on vacation this cycle (Sat, Mon, Wed) so I’m bumped up and “riding the car” (our term from riding the Chief / Battalion vehicle). Riding the car has both ...

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Va. Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service.

Today, the Va. Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service will be held in Richmond. The promotional video for the service is below …. You can learn more about service and those being honored at  VaFire.com . Watch   LIVE  VIDEO of the service beginning at 11:30 by clicking  HERE. Stay safe and in house! Captain Wines

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