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Providing Mutual Aid

The term “Mutual Aid” is one we use within the Fire Service but it’s also pretty self ¬†explanatory. Mutual Aid is about opening a “network” of help (aid) between one another and that’s exactly what Rhett Fleitz (FireCritic.com) and I (along with MANY others) have been doing this past weekend. For Rhett and I, it started on Friday. We left ...

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A busy Halloween in "The Noke"

I was first in with the Chief's buggy to find smoke showing from the attic (sides Delta and Bravo) of a single story, wood framed, family dwelling. I gave the size up, marked it a working fire and established Command.

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That's the problem with videos and articles such as this .... they don't show or tell the entire story. They also take things out of context. You can't show up and ride with an Engine Company and understand firefighters.... it takes a hell of a lot more than a few hours to understand who we are and what we do.

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