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Responding in severe weather conditions…

There are other factors to consider here as well. What kind of attack will we be making? Offensive, Defensive maybe transitional? With all this additional time we've accumulated, the fire has certainly gotten a good jump on us. Is life safety involved (is someone trapped inside)?

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When our recruits complete the acadamy, they are assigned to a company, placed on 1 years probation and have a detailed set of objectives to complete / pass within that year. They are assigned a "Rookie Book" which contains thoses objectives and are evaluated at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month mark.

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Off the "sick bed" and back to work …

I have good news and bad ….  The good news is that it looks like I’m gonna live! The bad news is that it looks like I’m gonna live … LOL. It feels like I haven’t been here in weeks but I did manage to find my way to Lucky #13 today. I walked into the station to find a ...

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