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To the Rescue


Even the days when thousands of people don't need us, there are still several hundred who do. We are always working ... even on our days off.

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Too big for their britches


I had to cancel my trip to the   Pa. Fire Expo   this weekend but that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t go. I’ve been getting some pics and updates from the floor in Harrisburg and it looks like I’m missing a great show. I had intended to spend some time in the  FoxFire  booth with Zach Green and his crew. They are setup with  ...

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People you don't want to see …


Dentist, doctors, morticians, the health department nurse after a Friday night at the local strip club … you know, all folks you don’t necessarily WANT to see. How about your local Hazardous Materials Response Team ?? Usually not … but in my case today, they were more than welcome. This morning, our local / regional Hazmat team was out on the farm ...

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Ironfiremen.com says goodbye to Washington DC


WOW …  What a trip ! They say “all good things must come to an end” so I left DC this morning at 6am and headed back to the farm. I hated to leave. The 2011 Congressional Fire Service Institute Dinner  was AWESOME. I knew that this was going to be rushed trip but also one that I wouldn’t want to ...

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Statter naked, tons of pics and More from FDIC ….


Ok, let me clean up the last post a little or at least explain some of the pics. I don’t know how but I managed to loose more than 1/2 of it in the publishing process. I was pushed for time so instead of rewritting the whole thing, I just threw in several pics for ya. I basicly ended with ...

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I almost cried … FDIC continued


I haven’t talked about it a lot but now I can. He’s been nervous … real nervous. Rhett has been scheduled to teach at FDIC for some time now and I can tell how it has worried him in the past few days. He’s been a nervious wreck!  He hasn’t slept a wink since we’ve been here. Wednesday night, I gave ...

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Georgia Shout out and FDIC bound!


You folks may remember a recient post where I helped my dad (Pop) drive a bus down to Flordia and back… ( See Home Again ) The bus hauls the Bluegrass Band Nothin Fancy and has become kind of a regular gig for Pop in his retirement. This weekend, the band was down in Thomasville, Ga. Apparently, the hot water heater ...

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