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Climbing out ….


I'll never get to make "those" calls again ... not to Jackson and it's killing me. This grief ... the depression.... it keeps knocking me down but I won't let it keep me here.

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We are all climbing


Tomorrow, Rhett (The Fire Critic), Kevin Tottin ( Salem Fire / EMS ) and I will arrive in Baltimore, Md for Firehouse Expo 2011. We have a very busy work schedule through Sunday. We will be there working with Firefighter Netcast  and will be set up in Booth #743 with the likes of  Bill Schum ( Fire Geezer) and Dave Statter ...

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Fukushima 50 …


Yea… I’m here and back at Lucky #13  on duty today.  As usual, I was simply “swamped” over 4 day break and didn’t find the time to check in. When I say “swamped”, I mean that literally. I’ve been knee deep in mud and muck for about as long as I can stand. No, that’s NOT my tractor but the ...

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