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Well, that used to be a saying around the firehouses. That was back when you didn’t want to take a “sick” day. Now I’m not so sure that it shouldn’t be “sick a day, DUMB a day”. I was off sick last day but sucked it up and drug myself in here today. I shouldn’t have. It happens all the time here in our Department and I’m not really sure why anymore. I’m not at 100%. I have hundreds of sick leave hours on the book. It wont show up on my next evaluation that I worked sick or hurt and saved overtime pay. Eventually, the entire company becomes sick and suffers through the same illness. More often than not, we / they then take it home to our families. And I really don’t think they’d miss us out here anyway. I’m sitting here now listening to a working fire just a straight shot down the main drag that our station sits on. WOW! We used to pick on the old crew here at #3 about not catching work and now the shoes on the other foot. Another firehouse saying..”it’s all on the big wheel”. Guess we shouldn’t have picked on em. I still can’t believe it though…a straight shot…4 engines assigned (E2, E5, E14, E1)and we’re sitting in house???here’s the map

At least it sounds like the brothers did a hell of a job down there. They even had a civilian severely burned and transported to our local Level 1 Trauma Center. Solid work guys…SOLID! Speaking of solid work, it’s been pretty busy here in “the Noke”. Every shift is going to work daily. Heck, Opie even caught a job while transferred out to #14 on our 1st day. We’re getting coverage or making headlines almost everyday for one reason or another. Our latest big article made the front page and I have to admit, it was a little disheartening for me. The title? “HISTORY FOR SALE; TWO ROANOKE FIREHOUSES UP FOR SALE”. Read the article here or just check out this pic from the Melrose Misfit’s blog..

I just don’t know anymore. Ok, I’d better move on before I get too wound up and take off on a real rant.
I’ve gotten several comments about the “anywhere but here” post. Everything from people wanting to travel with Pee-Wee to asking if I really have cattle. Seriously?? Pee-Wee in Cancun?? During Spring Break?? It’d kill him or you’d both wind up in jail! And YES I have horses and cattle. Actually, I’m kind of unique in the cattle business as well… to this area anyway (South West Virginia). I primarily run Texas Longhorn cattle. I lease the calves for rodeo purposes then sell the steers and introduce the heifers into the herd. It’s like getting paid double for the calves PLUS I love looking at and being out in the middle of em. Here’s a shot of a few of em (taken from my phone cam so forgive the quality)

Add in the fact that I have the best farm hand this side of the Mississippi and it’s the perfect set up.

Now that’s gotta make ya smile! If ya click on the pic of the Buckaroo holding the pitch fork you’ll see he even has on his “fireman” boots.
Ok, it’s way past my bed time and I feel like poop. I’m thinking it’s time to turn on the ol electric blanket and crawl into my little nest. Oh yea.. the place is starting to look a little more like a “firehouse” (even if we can’t catch one). New curtains in the Captains bunk… WoooHooo(thanks to Capt. Craft’s mother). Check em out..

HOLY CRAP! Me… excited about CURTAINS?? Geesh! Now we need to work on the assignment board, a table and some pics on the wall. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out. Uggg my guts! I gotta go. Think I need a medic… wait.. a Doctor…no…no.. a nurse.. or maybe 2 nurses…

Now we’re talking!! I’m feeling better already! Going on 4 day in the morning, see ya on Saturday. Now beat it geeks! Stay safe
Capt. Wines

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  • Anonymous

    How did yall stay in quarters on that fire??? WTF?? There was a day when you'd have jumped that call. CAD sucks

  • Anonymous

    You must have been forgotten by the "Powers to Be" and you are not the "Elite from downtown. This called for expertise and you could have been punished again.

  • Anonymous

    Just cause you're skin and bones doesn't mean those scrawny cows have to be. You'd better start feeding them or you'll be in jail. And cow farmers drive green tractors, pretend/hobby farmers drive, what is that word, kubotas.

  • Anonymous

    we're all super busy anymore because they keep cutting. we have more territory than ever & less people to do it. and remember, they're gonna do it again a few weeks from now with the loss of another station. we're all gonna be up for 24 hours every shift before you know it. we'll be sick more & may even start to fall asleep @ the wheel soon. more with less, more with less. oh well…what do you do..

  • Anonymous

    speaking of that, why are you being punished again capt? Nobody understands that move. you guyss were the best at 9

  • Anonymous

    thats just it. Dont you get it? They were doing a good job. Minding their business and getting the job done. Training, fire fighting, ems you name it, Willie had his guys squared away and he is the kind of Captain who could and would make a decision and get it done. A self thinker. He didnt need someone holding his hand and wouldnt let you touch his men either. Ever listened to him give a size up or work a fire? He was punished for doing a good job!

  • Anonymous

    Willie knew his job. That's the problem. The are jealous. Admin. couldn't command a wastebasket fire.

  • Anonymous

    That sure is a nice angus bull in the picture. He must bring the value of those longhorns up! Also, grass is green, tractors are orange and blue! Sure looks good to see a county truck in that building!

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