Busy busy middle day..

The weather today…not so predictable. Rain one minute, sunny and hot the next. What has been constant is the runs. Seems like we’ve been going all day. Nothing serious or too exciting, just busy work. We’ve taken care of the norm around the house and I’ve been chained to my desk working on performance evaluations…WoooHooo! Big Roy, the boys from Lucky #13, County Medic 1 and 2 more special visitors all dropped by for visits today. The County guys??? Well, little Brandon Sheppard wanted to show me “his” new medic truck (you may remember Brandon from a post back in our “misfit” days. Check it out here and be sure to read the comments as well). So anyway, yea; he’s real proud of his new ride. Said he thinks he just may ride her all the time. Why you ask?? Because it’s on a Dodge 5500 chassis just like the ol “Cowboy Cadillac”. And hey, let me tell ya; she’s a beaut! No kidding, this is a nice rig. Complete with 5 point racing harnesses in case a city guy has to drive em in one day… She even has a back up camera and GPS… Chief Campbell went all out this time… Here’s the side view.. Well, Brandon was itching for my approval so I gave it. I told him it was nice BUT…BUT it IS yellow and has one of those damn “woop woop” ambulance sirens. Again, some my remember from my “Misfit” days that I despise a “woop woop” siren..especially on a fire truck (read that post here). Well, Brandon was quick to inform me that she indeed has a “real” siren on her…. well kind of
LMAO!! That’s his cell phone ring tone through the PA. You just gotta love him! He says it works GREAT. Put 2 cars in the ditch just today as a matter of fact. Anyway, all kidding aside; it is a very nice truck. And, since we’re talking about “new” stuff, lets bring it back to the city for a minute. We caught a few runs with our brothers and sisters from down at the “Deuce” today. Those lads are sporting some of our new high pressure 5″ hose… ain’t that a purdy green???

And, so not to leave anyone out… Lucky 13 had some new “shoes” on today. Well, they had 1 anyway. You see, when our city garage takes the worn tires off garbage trucks, they mark the “good” ones for future Fire Department use… yea.. “that’s thinking with your dipstick Jimmy!”

And hey, speaking of “dipsticks” (no..I’m not gonna “insert Chief joke here”) it seems as if Pee-Wee and Brandon haven’t been “thinking” with but rather using their dipsticks. Oh yea… both are gonna be brand new Daddys! Pee-wee is expecting delivery in January while Brandon’s should arrive in November. I tell ya what…there is just something about that special “glow” around a pregnant gal

I’m so proud of the boys. I knew they had it in em. Now don’t get me wrong, it ain’t easy. It takes lots and lots of practice. Those little swimmers have to be in shape..

And, you and the swimmers have to know what you’re doing… one wrong turn and it’s a wasted trip..

The odds are actually against em…

But, in the end…it only takes one….

I’m hoping they have girls. Both farm on their days off and if they get to raising little farm gals the Buckaroo can have errrr..(cough cough) well never mind that..LOL… All kidding aside, congratulations to the both of them, I know they’ll make great fathers. We had a special visitor this evening as well. The County had a fire yesterday close to our area. The occupant has a 5 yr old son who had a little trouble sleeping in the home last night. The odor of smoke still lingered and just the normal intimidations / scares of seeing smoke pouring from your home and firefighters in full PPE going about their work. Anyway, mom brought him by our station this evening hoping we could talk with him a bit and hopefully ease his mind somewhat (not knowing the city / county difference because we’re so close to each other). Well, we did just that. By the end of his visit he wanted an application! I also made a call to Capt. Witt down at the County station that responded (County 1) and spoke to him about the situation. Capt Witt was more than willing
to ride out to their house for a second visit with the youngster and an opportunity to check smoke detectors etc. Customer service and multi-jurisdictional cooperation at its finest! Here they are..

Well, that’s enough for tonight. We’re back again on Wednesday. Thanks again for following…stay safe and in the house.
Captain Wines