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Monthly Archives: August 2010

FRI 2010 continued


Ok, so the other night, I gave you a little taste of our experience in Chicago but, I have to tell you that there was so much more. Yea, we had fun..ok.. we had a LOT of fun but, we also worked a little and learned even more. Although I wasn’t able to attend any of the lectures / seminars, ...

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There's no place like home..


Everybody knows that there’s no place like home but I must also admit that I had a really good time in Chicago. I have so much to tell ya about, I’m not sure where to start. I guess for tonight, I’ll throw some pics and brief comments etc at ya so you can see one at least one side of ...

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Quick update from Chicago…


Ok, that’s not Chicago but the pic says a whole lot about our situation right now… STUCK!! Oh yea baby.. another wonderful flying experience. We have been sitting, walking around and drinking in Chicago’s OHare airport for ohhhhh about a week now. Yea… stranded. Once again, Rhett’s “discount flight plans” came through. It appears as though “something” has happened to ...

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You all know by now that we have indeed landed in the Windy City and all I can say is WOW! There is so much to take in, I just may stay another week. Well there is so much to take in and the fact that I’m a little scared of the flight back to Lynchburg. Yea… leave it to ...

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believe it or not…

I don’t know how but we actually made it to Chicago. We flew out of “lynchburg” on a one prop piece of rivot loosing, metal flapping, don’t know how she didn’t come apart piece of ..yea to land in Charlotte. From there, we took a real plane to Chicago. I actually fell asleep at takeoff. I’m in the center seat. ...

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Eager anticipation.. Chicago bound!


We fly out tomorrow morning. Those of you who know me are aware that I don’t get out or away from the farm much so I’m pretty excited about our trip. Knowing my inexperience in these matters, Rhett called earlier today to check on me. Rhett: Hey Capt. How’s it going? You excited? Need anything or are you even packed ...

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Ok, so I've missed a few days..


I know.. I know but its been kinda busy lately. No kidding, things have been fairly steady both on the job and at home. I know I have a lot of catching up to do so grab a seat. For starters, I should be off on vacation today but Coon and I switched a day so I can make Fire ...

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It's YELLOW fire truck day!


It seems as though we’ve been surrounded by yellow rigs today. I’ll get to that in a minute or twenty but there are a few other topics / headlines I want to hit first. Line of Duty Deaths (LODD’s) and serious injuries. Outside the United States, Geezer reported on a double LODD in Spain. Here in the U.S. we’ve been ...

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WHERE did my 4 day break go??!!


MY ACHING BACK!!!!! Talk about “carrying the load”!! And OVERLOADED at that!!!! That’s what it feels like on 3 Engine today. Carrying the load for the Medics ONCE AGAIN. Here we are sitting on 11 and they have all of what??… 3 or 4 runs? geesh. To top it off, every time we make it back to the house (either ...

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