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Monthly Archives: September 2010


@#$$%^^&*(%#*^*&^&^%$# AHHHHHHH!!!!! SHIT! I have so much on my mind right now that I can’t even think straight much less function normally (good thing I’m on break huh). Try to bear with me and I’ll do my best to lead you through a tour of whats on my mind. You all know I pretty much work from sun up to ...

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Yesterday was our last of the cycle and I pulled the tour. Not only did I work, I also had to fill in and ride the Battalion. For those of you who follow this or any other of our local blogs, you’ll know that the North side Battalion runs out of the new Station #5.Yesterday was my first day stepping ...

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Busy week


Who am I kidding?? It’s been a busy week, month and year! I know you folks are tired of hearing it but things really are hopping around here lately and, although it may not seem like it; I am working to get the new site change up and “live”. I’ve been playing around a little with the new look trying ...

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Meat and Potato's

Rhett, John and I did what turned out to be an hour long wrap up of our experience from Fire Rescue International 2010 and “behind the scenes” perspective of You can check out the show here. Have I ever mentioned that I hate the sound of my recorded voice?? Geesh.. what a redneck! I think I said “meat and ...

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Back to back!!


Yea…can ya believe it?? Back to back post! Hey, I know excuses are like a certain body part (or orifice)… everybody has one LOL but no kidding I’m as busy as a cat covering up…ummmm..errrrrr… well…You get the picture.. it’s my “busy time”. Home / personal stuff, work, the farm… you name it. I’m working all day everyday, come home, ...

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I haven't forgotten!


Today is September 11, 2010 and I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard the phrase “never forget”. Today, the History Channel has played 9-11-2001 footage all day. Today, the United States Flag was flown at half mast all across the country. I’ve even gotten a few “thumbs up” from citizens while out on runs today. As I often do, ...

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A lot of catching up to do..

Yea, I know..but hang in there…I told ya some changes etc were on the way. To begin with, the changes have began. If you use to get to me, you most likely didn’t get here. While we are in the process of changing over, you will need to use the “blog spot” address here … temp link After the ...

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