is DC Bound!

In a little less than 12 hrs I’ll be heading out for Washington DC to attend the Congressional Fire Service Institute Dinner!

I can’t wait to get there!

I’ll be having dinner with some of the top leaders of the Fire Service  as well as with  many of our legislators.

I’m a little nervous … I mean after all, this is not the typical crowd that I’d fit into. This is a FANCY dinner!

I’m a little worried about which folk to use and all that…. you know … like what kind of knot to use when tying your napkin around your neck or do ya just tuck it in?

The dress code is supposed to be pretty upscale so I’ve been calling around town all day trying to find a place to rent a tux…. I wouldn’t want them folks thinking I’m just some dumb redneck who doesn’t even own a tux.

I really like the ones they used in the movie Dumb and Dumber …

I just cant decide on the color….

I also can’t decide whether to wear one of those Top Hats or break out the new Resitol Cowboy hat …

Either way, I’m gonna get one of those canes these guys had in the movie … Funny thing is .. the lady at the Tux shop kept hanging up on me…. LOL …DC will never be the same.

I’m wondering if they’ll send a “car” for me???

Maybe one of those big fancy stretched jobs ….

How cool would that be?

All that room to stretch out in …. I hear you even have your own 8 track in the back…

Word has it that the more expensive Limos even have a cooler full of beer for ya.

I even heard that the drivers get out to open the door for ya and everything.

They open your beers …. pour em into a cup (hope they stock Old Milwaukee).

Chauffeurs  I think they call em….

Wonder if mine will be good looking?

You know .. I girl chauffeur …. with driving boots and one of those cute little hats…

Naaa…. no way I’m that lucky.

Anything they send after me would need to be rode ON rather than IN …LOL

LMAO .. I’d still ride it though! Actually, I guess I had better keep things a little “low key”. I’m really hoping that about 10-20 DC Police Officers have forgotten all about me.

Yea … on one of my last trips up there, Scott Mutter and I attended an IAFF Conference. Somehow or another we got hooked up with Dave Pulliam from Richmond Fire Department. Well, the three of us were standing there … minding our own business, talking to a group of nuns about Sunday school attendance and next thing I know we’re laid across a couple Police cars.

I think it was all a misunderstanding over a bet or something that Scott and I just happened to get caught up in. I say that because after Pulliam gave one of the cops the money he owed em .. they let us go.  LMAO …(just kidding there …well somewhat anyway). That Pulliam sure is a smooth talker. That and he’s a BLAST to hang out in DC with.  Rhett did a Book Review of  Capitol City Fireman  by Jake Rixner over at The Fire Critic. Dave Pulliam is mentioned in the book several times. Check out Rhett’s review  HERE .

So, you can see why I’m anxiously nervous about the trip.

The good news is that I’ll be staying in  “CLASS”. Rhett’s sister  Vanessa Vincenti  works for a big fancy hotel in DC and was willing and able to help me out on getting a room despite the fact that Rhett is staying behind on this trip.

Rhett says this hotel even has a hot tub!

Guess I should pack my Bermuda shorts huh? That thing even looks like it has room for 2 more people! I guess this pic is of a couple fellas who went up early for the dinner … check out the IAFF sticker in the window …LOL. Don’t yall splash all the water out now … I’ll be in by noon!

LMAO .. ok, enough of my sick sense of humor. I am heading up for the CFSI Dinner and it’s an honor and privilege.

Special thanks to Dave Iannone from  Go Forward Media  for the invitation.

Special thanks to Rhett and his sister Vanessa for helping me with the hotel. VERY nice accommodations!

So, I just have to make it through the rest of the shift, run home to feed and check the cows and then I’m outta here!  That said, obviously I’m on duty today and it hasn’t been too bad.

The guys from Roanoke County Fire / Rescue Station #1C stopped by to drop off a tool.

I had talked to Captain Witt about painting one of their tools with the FoxFire  illuminating paint that I just received for a product review.

I also gave them some tape to wrap a second tool on their truck and try out for me.

They seemed pretty impressed with a quick demo and were excited to get to try the product out.

That said, Boots (Todd Harris), Pete and I went to work on the tools … Roanoke County’s and ours.

We cleaned and painted the heads and handles first.

After that dried, we masked them up and did a little “prep” work to the shafts.

Each tool then was primed with a special primer provided by FoxFire.

The prep and priming was easy …


After a 30 minute wait for the primer to dry, it was time to mix the epoxy

After mixing the ingredients, you only have 30 minutes to apply the product.

The pressure was on but we got it done.

I will do a complete  “Product Review” to include the application process etc in the future.

So, we got it mixed and started putting it on. I didn’t say “painting” because it is NOT painting.


Actually, the product is an epoxy and not a paint at all.

That said, it doesn’t go on like paint.

Lets just say that our first attempt at applying this product will not be found hanging in any art museums..LOL 

It takes about 24 hours to fully dry and cure so we wont get to put the tools to use until next cycle.

We can already tell that the illumination factor is going to be nice. Boots keeps turning the lights on and off in the work room … he can’t believe how bright they glow already!

So, tune back in sometime in the near future for a complete and detailed review of the FoxFire / MN8 Products.

We rounded out the evening with a visit from Medic #5 who had 2 of our new rookies riding along.

I don’t remember their names and at this point in their career, that’s a GOOD THING! Either way, here they are…. congratulations and GOOD LUCK!

So, I’m gonna stop for now. I’m gonna take a while to listen in to Lt. Dave LeBlanc’s first show on  Firefighter Netcast  I’m a huge fan of Dave and highly recommend you tune in as well.

I’ll try to update from DC … wish me luck!

Until next time … stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines