Live from New Jersey!

Yea … New Jersey.

It seems as though Rhett (Fire Critic) and I have been living out of a suit case lately.

It’s been a really good year for both of our sites .. and   but it has also kept us busy and on the road.

It’s been a great experience. We have made tons of great contacts and met some really remarkable people. 

I hope to meet some more this week.

As you can tell by the title, we are in New Jersey.

You know …. where they film that MTV show Jersey Shore  (yea … I have cable..LOL)

Anyway, I was thinking that maybe I would  look up that wild gal from the Jwowwshow …. Jenni  aka   ” JWoww 

Ahhhh .. I don’t know… we may just forget that thought and pay a visit to the  BADA BING from the Sopranos.

Again,  I don’t know … our 1st priority while up here (as always) is WORK.

Rhett is teaching his Social Media class  for Kean University.

From FDIC to college courses!  WOW ! The title of his class is  Social Media; The Fire Service’s Next Big Innovation .

Once again, he’s all worked up and nervous ( remember before his FDIC class? )

There’s no need to worry though because I’m on the job. His cloths are ironed and laid out. His little belly is full and I even made him a “night night tottie”. The clock is set and our “wake up call” placed. All of my bets are that his 1st day of school in Jersey will be a huge success.

I mean he hasn’t even began to think about all the benifits of being a  teacher  professor.

Think about it … even in grade school, the students come to class on the 1st day bearing gifts ……. just imagine what it’s like on the college level.

Oh yea …. the ol “an apple for the teacher”  gig.

Once again, that’s why I’m here. NO DISTRACTIONS for Professor Fleitz … I’d better nip this one in the bud …LOL

All kidding aside, Rhett has put together a great class from years of hard work and experience. If you haven’t yet had the chance to sit in on this course, I’m sure it will be coming to a classroom near you soon.

The Fire Service is changing from many directions at a rapid pace and Social Media is at the core. I say that because Social Media is allowing the change to spread at a rate never before experienced in our profession.

Today, news of  LODD’s, Firefighter Close Calls, training innovations etc is available to ANYONE in the time it takes to type in a keyword. Fire Service web sites and blogs and growing at a record pace. Everyone is “getting the word out” … their “word”.

By hitting the “publish” key on this post, I am contributing to the growing change. By reading it, you are too. Is that a good thing or bad?  That could go either way ….. 

I’ll update tomorrow on how things are going  from school …. until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines