First Arriving Network
First Arriving Network

Graduation Day in Jersey

What a great couple of days in New Jersey!

Rhett and I have been up here  ( New Jersey ) presenting his class on Social Media. The Official title is..  Social Media The Fire Service’s Next Big Innovation.

We were VERY well received and the students showed a great interest in the class content. There were 46 students total and I honestly believe that each one of them came away with “something” ( isn’t that what “teaching” is all about? ).

Another ” win / win ” for The Fire Critic and Everyone learned something (including us) and graduated with flying colors!

Thanks to Rhett for allowing me to “tag along” on the trip and to  Kean University,  The State of New Jersey as well as to the Ocean and Middlesex County Fire Academies  for the hospitality and allowing us this great opportunity to get our message out.


We taught 2 days in 2 locations. Ocean County Fire Academy and Middlesex County Fire Academy.  The class rooms ( Academies … facilities) up here are UNBELIEVABLY nice … and that’s an under statement. First class all the way! Plus we got to hang out on the  Jersey Shore .

At home, we have a training “center“.  These folks have FACILITIES!

WOW !  The Class Rooms .. Multiple burn buildings … Flash Over Simulators .. Drafting Ponds / Pools … Confined Space setups … Vehicle Fire props … Smoke Houses .. Driving courses …etc .  They have it all and in multiple buildings.


Here are several shots of the facilities we visited this week …..




Imagine if we all had resources like this! Geesh … I wish I had brought my gear so we could have done some “hot classes” LOL. I love the masonry burn buildings vs the metal / LP gas one we just purchased. I also like how these folks have them set up with multiple options / scenarios.

So, we’ve had a good trip and are headed back home. I’m on duty tomorrow (Friday) so we’ve been kinda rushed this evening to finish things up and get on the road. Lucky for me that I have a GREAT Lieutenant in George Perdue. George is off on vacation but is coming in to cover the shift until I get to the station. THANKS A MILLION   “Georgie” … I owe and LUV ya!

Apparently, the boys have missed me while I’ve been gone. Captain Todd Stone and 1st Lt Tim Cady covered my shift yesterday. Both are great Officers and true BROTHERS but apparently, one of them dabbles in “decorating” ..LOL

This is my bed.

That is NOT how it normally looks ..LOL

WTF ?!?  They have mounted some kind of plywood board or something and hung everything under the sun from it… an axe ..air bottle .. rope .. hydrant caps .. A hydrant wrench .. my helmet and  EVEN A WEED EATER???  LMAO…. I love it !!

BEAUTIFUL !!!!  I LOVE Firehouse “fretting”.Wait… what I meant to say was that there are a lot of things I can tollerate but “FRETTING” is NOT one of them ..LMAO!

I miss you too guys and will be home by lunch time…

Like I’ve been saying, Rhett ( Fire Critic ) and I ( have a TON of exciting events and news coming in the very near future! This will without a doubt be our best years yet.

Look for more classes, preoduct reviews and breaking news on upcoming events soon!

I’m gonna end here  for the night but will try to check back in tomorrow night with a few more updates. Until I get back with ya … THANKS for following. Please remember to “Like”   “Share”    “Reccomend”  and  “Tweet” my posts.

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines.


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  • Fire Critic

    WORD on that first picture!

    • Iron Firemen

      “Word” …..You gotta be kidding me! 3 night on the Jersey Shore with Jwoww and now you talk all MTV and shit? Give me a break son.

      • Fire Critic

        You are gonna have to rinse all of that hair gel out of your hair before we get back. Sure, the ladies love a cowboy with a solid “Jersey Shore Blowout” hairstyle…but it isn’t going to fly back in Roanoke….poser…you probably aren’t even Italian or from Jersey!

  • Tommy Warshaw III

    Glad to see you guys had a fun, as well as productive time up in my old home state.

    • Iron Firemen

      GREAT time and class Tommy. The folks up here met us with open arms and treated us like Kings! As I said in the post .. “Firest Class” all the way.

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  • Hydrantgirl

    Love the bed!

    • Iron Firemen

      Blah Blah Blah …. EVERYONE “loves” the bed … except me! The thing jingled and jangled ALL NIGHT … LMAO. If I ever get my hands on who taught Wheezy and Boots to frett ……

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