I know ..

I know, I know .. I haven’t posted all week and, once again; I apologize.

I know I say it all the time but I just been covered up. It’s the start of the “busy time” for the farm and the weather has actually cooperated this week.

I’ve been putting in as much time as possible to get prepared for the upcoming hay season. The rains have stopped and the sun has been shinning so it’s been work..work …work.

We’ve been plowing, discing and spreading fertilizer. LOTS of fertilizer! LMAO … I know .. I know .. I spread that year round..LOL

I’m talking about a different fertilizer .. the pelitized kind.

Between the cost of the fertilizer and diesel prices, this just may be our last season. My stress level is through the roof!

The only good news this week is that my quality of help has improved. Of course right now I feel like Im running a “driving school” more than a farm but the little fella is catching on quick …

The Buckaroo has “driving fever” right now and I guess I’m actuall lucky to even get him to go with me and help any more. I think he’s found something he likes riding as much as tractors …. the 4 wheeler he got for his 3rd birthday.  Here’s a short video … look at the little fella go!

LMAO .. that’s my boy!

So, 4 day break is over and I’m back at Lucky #13 for the Friday, Sunday, Tuesday cycle. It’s been a good day for a couple reason. The first being that it’s been a relatively quiet day. For that, I’m thankful because I need the break.

The 2nd reason is because Boots (Todd Harris) is off. Now I don’t mean that way … I miss him already and wish I was down at the beach with him. The reason him being off is “good” is because of who they sent to fill-in. WHEEZY.

 Those of you who have followed me since the “Melrose Misfit” days will know Wheezy well. For those of you new to the site, you can find out more about and meet Travis Meador..aka “Wheezy” by clicking  HERE .

So, Wheezy being here is also a good thing for a couple reasons. 1st .. I miss him. 2nd … he’s fun to work with. 3rd .. I can continue my “investigation”. You see, while Professor Fleitz and I were off taking over the Jersey Shore we had some “fill ins” here at Lucky #13. Wheezy just happened to catch that transfer as well.

While I was away, someone made me a new headboard. Just look at her … oh yea … she’s a NICE ONE ! It even comes with sound ! Yea … every time you move, turn or roll over something (or a couple of things) rattle and “clank”.

A BEAUTIFUL piece of fretting but nobody will “own up”. Insert a little “firehouse detective” work and I’m pretty sure I have my suspects narrowed down. God love him .. Wheezy aint smart enough to come up with all of this on his own but he is dumb enough to allow Boots to coach him along and talk him into doing it! LMAO

I wish I new who taught that scoundrel to fret ….hummmm… wait …. it was me! LMAO I guess it really is “all on the big wheel”. Like I said.. Wheezy (and Boots for that matter) is a blast to work with and he’s a good fireman to boot. I love him.

Moving on, I talked with Captain Schmoea little this evening and he asked about the tornadoes that slammed the East Coast. He was worried and wondering if we were affected.

Well, luckily; our immediate area was spared but a lot of folks within a 100 miles or so were not so fortunate. Yesterday, we sent a team down to Washington County, Va to help out.

The team consisted of 17 members from Roanoke Fire/EMS, Roanoke County Fire / Rescue and Salem Fire / EMS. Here are the men preparing to leave .

I just received word that the team has returned home safe and sound. I’m not sure what kind of work they were assigned but whatever the task, I’m sure they gave  110% !  Well done guys .. thanks and welcome home.

photo by Va. State Police found on WDBJ7.com

Here’s a picture of some of the damage from the storm that left 4 dead in SW Va.

You can read more on the storm and its damage on WDBJ 7.com 

Other states such as Alabama were hit a lot harder. The death toll, at 329 (and possibly growing); is the worst since 1932.

See MSMBC article  HERE

You know, my first thoughts were of the first responders. The fire fighters, medics and police officers. I wondered about the stations. Were any firehouses caught in the path of destruction? What about the first responders families and homes? Just like back in hurricane Katrina, many of these folks had to be out on the job that night  not knowing if their own homes or families were affected.

Like me, just keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers as they begin to pick up and rebuild.

Ok, I’m gonna end here for tonight. I have a ton of stuff I need / want to tell and catch you up on but it will have to wait until tomorrow night. Until then, stay safe and in house! Thanks for following.

Captain Wines