2nd alarm in the "Noke"… 1st arriving pics and more.

Wow … what a day!  I think I’m a “poop magnet” when I  “ride the car”  because I always end up having days like this.

It’s been busy busy ALL DAY LONG.

Meetings, more meetings, paper work, classes, routine calls and then a 2 banger. I’ll start with some of the classes.

Lt. Jim Hylton and Firefighter Todd Releigh put on a DPO (Driver, pump operator) class today. They had members from our Department as well as from other surrounding Departments. It’s a great class for new and old pump operators. As you can see, they even cover drafting which is something most of our City Firefighters don’t have a lot of experience with.

We also had ARFF training scheduled today for a couple of our City companies.

The first session was attended by Engine and Medic #3.

Yea…. that’s the ol “Fire Critic” himself pictured with Captain Clayton Martin of #3-C.

I guess things have been a little too slow for “Fireboy Fleitz” over on A-shift so he traded a little time to get over on C-shift for a day.

I bet if he had known how hard we were gonna work him, he may have just stayed home.

The temps were soaring despite the early start. That’s the air craft simulator pictured behind them. It uses propane to simulated fires in the tires, engine and passenger compartment. They also use the mat to simulate fuel fires.

We also have a Recruit School in progress over at our Regional Training Center. The school last 14 weeks and is comprised of recruits for the City, County and Salem. Tonight was their “night burn”. I had intended to make it over and grab a few pics but things didn’t work out.

Just after lunch and prior to my next “meeting” for the day, companies were toned out for smoke from a building at one of the local NW parks.

I arrived first and this is what I found … I called for a 2nd alarm in my size up.

You are looking at side “Delta”. The drive allowed me to approach from “Brovo”, drive past “Alpha” and set up just off the circle drive way on “Delta” where I also got a good view of  side “Charlie”.

The building was vacant and boarded up.

My next arriving truck was Ladder #5 with Captain Croft, Gish and Brady McDonald.

Those boys jumped off the truck, opened up and got the stick on the roof in NO TIME. Solid work.

The 2nd arriving rig was another Ladder (L7) ! Yea … I needed an Engine and QUICK.

Fire Boy Fleitz was there (riding the seat of Engine 3) but was still a few blocks out catching a hydrant. We had to hold Ladder 7 until Rhett and the boys from 3 could get into side “Alpha” with the water supply.

Engine 3 laid the line and took “the address” while Ladder 7 then positioned on side “Bravo”.

Engines 4, 2 and 1 followed and we pushed in for a quick knock down and searches.

“Fire Boy Fleitz” had the nozzle.

They made it back for a quick knock down and were backed up by a  company on the 2nd floor and another headed to the attic for extension.

That’s where she gave us a little trouble.

Upstairs, they encountered 12 foot ceilings that were sheeted with multiple layers of plywood. There was no stairway or scuttle hole for easy access to the attic.

They were getting the saws, attic ladders etc in place to make a good access but the fire just had too much of a hold. All companies were ordered to evacuate the building and report with PAR (personnel accountability report). Once we knew we had everyone out and accounted for, we opened the ladder pipes and ground monitors into the dormers and through our vent holes.

We got a good and somewhat quick knock down of the attic at that point.

Shortly after, we shut the master streams down and got the crews back in there to mop it up.

All searches were completed and found to be “all clear”.

Extensive overhaul was conducted and the fire was  marked “under control”

Thanks to all the members on scene for a great job … SOLID WORK!

I’ll throw in a few more random pics …

See more photos for Lt. Mike Overacker (Retired) HERE

We also have been expecting a guest tonight. Two firefighters from Washington DC are ridding across the Country to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer. That’s 6,000 miles on a motorcycle. The brothers left DC today, stopped in Richmond for lunch and were scheduled to eat and sleep here at Station #5 tonight.

Their trip didn’t start out so well. One of the riders crashed. He was unable to continue due to the damage to his bike but from what we can tell, he escaped with only a broken toe. After assuring his travel partner was ok and all details were taken care of, one rider decided to tackle the journey alone.

Oleg Pelekhatyof DCFD Engine #4 arrived at the station around 08:30 tonight.

Just in time towash up and eat.

He looked tired,  hungry and like he needed a little rest. I mean who wouldn’t ?? Look at the seat on that thing …. LMAO


Obviously, the bike pictured above right is NOT what Oleg rode in here on.

Here’s a shot of him and bike he DID ride in on … a Harley.

We got him cleaned up a bit, filled his belly and had some good conversation.

Mike Elliston from Salem dropped in to welcome him as did our Chief of Department David Hoback.

The boys from 5 presented him with the station’s  Challenge Coin and we snapped a few pics before tucking him into bed. Here are the pics ..


Learn more about  Oleg,  his journey, and donate to the cause  by visiting his site HERE

That’s all for now .. Im going to bed. I’ll check back in tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines