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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Looking back on Atlanta


Fire Rescue International 2011 has ended and Rhett ( Fire Critic ),  Jeff Harkey ( Fire / Daily 911 ) and I are back home safe and sound… ok .. we’re safe. Rhett’s driving  …. well, let’s just say it works on your nerves. Riding with Rhett will drive you to drinking  LOL.  WE HAD A GREAT WEEK ...

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Funeral arrangements for Rhett Fleitz and Jeff Harkey


Ok, they’re not dead yet but I’m gonna kill em! I hate to tell ya this story but I gotta. We finished up the “work” portion of FRI (Fire Rescue International)yesterday. We’ve had a GREAT week here in Atlanta. It started for me and Rhett with our 2nd 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb.  It ended with us tearing down, wrapping, packing ...

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Atlanta baby!


Most of you know by now that Rhett ( Fire Critic ) and I are in Atlanta, Ga. We are here for Fire Rescue International ( FRI ) 2011. Atlanta is an AWESOME city and we are HAVING A BLAST!! We participated in our 2nd 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb yesterday morning.  You can see my post on the climb  HERE  and ...

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A perfect tribute!


Rhett and I completed our 2nd 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb yesterday morning here in Atlanta, Ga. It was another experience that I’ll have trouble describing to you. Once again, Rhett and I found “something” in those stairwells that can only be experienced if you climb. We’ve described it before as “spiritual”.  See previous posts  HERE  and  HERE . This climb ...

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Another Climb


Rhett and I are in Atlanta, Ga. We left “The Noke” at 10am and drove 8hrs South. Well …. I drove 8 hrs … Rhett rode shotgun and complained the entire way. Guess who gets to drive home….LOL Read Rhett’s ( The Fire Critic’s ) post on our journey HERE If you hit the link above, you already know that ...

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What a "DEAL"


Rhett and Jeff have launched their first sale over on Daily 911 Deals ! Old man winter is just around the corner so, fittingly; their first deal is a job shirt. The shirts are 95/5 cotton/poly super weight fleece .. MADE IN THE USA. They only have 50 available so you had better hurry! If you haven’t registered yet, don’t ...

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Busy last day before vacation


Well, I’m not actually going on “vacation” but I will be off for 13 days if I can only make it to 07:00am tomorrow morning! On Tuesday, Rhett Fleitz ( Fire Critic) and I will head out for Atlanta, Ga. and Fire Rescue International ( FRI ) 2011 !  We have a GREAT week planned and hope to see you there. ...

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Busy 4 day!


We usually call it our 4 day “break” but I didn’t get much of a break on this one. Thursday and Friday was spent getting up hay and preparing the Farm for visitors and tours due to a community celebration. Everything worked out well and the Buckaroo even got in a little “creek time”. Saturday morning, I met my Lieutenant George, ...

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