Buckle up!

I really haven’t checked in with a “full” post since our 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Greenbelt, Md back on the 11th. I received a TON of e-mails, text messages and comments on the site from that post ( I Cried ) … THANKS!

I was hesitant to hit the “publish” button on that post. I had so much I wanted to say and share that I thought it came off as “rambling” and maybe even kinda “cheesy”.  Those of you who follow me regularly know that YES .. I do get emotional because I am passionate about the job. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to control those emotions. The bad thing is that I type like I talk (and think ) and always say whats on my mind. Sometimes ( in my postings )  it comes across ok … other times not so much.

The message I was trying to deliver was how honored and proud I was to have participated in this climb. It was the 3rd climb this year for Rhett ( Fire Critic ) and I and,  our  2nd with Kevin Totten and Tommy Warshaw. I got to climb with my dad who is retired from the job with right at 30 yrs while Rhett climbed with his 8 yr old son!

More than telling our story, I wanted to inspire you to experience  your own.

I’m sure these climbs will hold a different meaning for each climber while Im just as sure that you’ll have to climb to find it. Other than climbing on the rigs everyday and performing our duties with PROFESSIONALISM, PRIDE and HONOR I can’t think of a better way to honor the 343 FDNY fallen.

I had mentioned in my post how we were planning to climb in Richmond before Chief Bashoor invited us to Greenbelt. What I failed to mention was that 4 of our brothers from Roanoke did attend the Richmond climb! You guys may remember a past Lieutenant of mine  from back in the Melrose Misfit days … Rob “Bugg” Reid. If not,  CLICK HERE  for a great post and the chance to meet “Bugg”.  He had wanted to organize a climb here in “The Noke” but couldn’t get the details worked out with the “powers to be”. They represented us well and even climbed with their SCBA !  THANKS …. CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE men!

So, obviously, Im back to work. Laast cycle was a mess due to my being off for the climb, Boots being on vacation and Georgie off sick. Little Randy stayed at Lucky #13 one day but would ship out to ride the Medic on the last day of the cycle.

He ran out of Station #5 and had a pretty busy tour.

He continues to see and hear things that aren’t an everyday occurance down in Max Meadows, Va.

He was almost involved in a fist fight and bitten. Yea …. BITTEN (he said she was tougher than she looked..LOL)

We also managed to squeeze in a little SWR (Swift  Water  Rescue) training …. just wait till little Miss Dana sees him in his new vest and fancy hat!

So, we took a 4-day break and returned to duty this morning. It’s gonna be a long cycle! Once again, I’m riding as the “North Side” Battalion Chief. For some reason, whenever I ride “the car”; we’re busy. This cycle has already started out that way!

Last time I rode the Battalion … see 1st arriving pics and post from a 2nd alarm fire

I rolled into the Chief’s Office this morning with a full schedule. Every Captain and 1st Lieutenant on the shift had manditory “Harassment in the work place” training …. WooooooHooooo !!

We also had “night training” scheduled for Station #5 at our Regional Training center beginning at 19:00 (7pm).

Take the busiest company in the Battalion out of service for a while and “something” is bound to happen..right?


The call went out as a stove on fire.

Boots got Georgie and Randy in first for a quick save.

This one could have turned bad QUICKLY.

There’s also a quick and simple PSA from this incident … NEVER leave pots / pans unattended while cooking.

A 2nd PSA is to install smoke detectors and assure they have working batteries. The detectors in this house  alerted the two occupants and allowed them to exit the home safely before our arrival.

The night is young yet and I sure hope things quiet down a bit. I have a busy day on the farm tomorrow and the next two days  here is looking full as well. Tomorrow evening, Rhett and I will get to meet another reader / follower of our sites. Captain Joe Lyons from the Westfield Fire Department  in Indiana will be stopping in town.  Rhett and I will give him the nickel tour of our city, make sure he gets a good meal and share a few stories over a cold adult beverage. I believe the Capt will be in town to visit our local ladder truck manufactoring company.

On Thursday, when I return to duty; we will be holding our 4th Annual Officer’s Seminar. This year, our featured speaker will be Retired Deputy Chief James P. Smith from the Philadelphia Fire Department !

This is a GREAT OPPURTUNITY for our area firefighters.

The Chief’s topic will be “Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground” This is one of many topics that Chief Smith lectures on across the Country.

Click HERE for more topics offerd by Chief James P. Smith

Click HERE for Chief Smith’s 2nd edition book “Strategic and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground”

This will be a 2 day seminar (same presentation, Thursday and Friday 08:30-16:30) and there may still be space available. If interested, contact one of the Chiefs listed on the registration form above / left.

Saturday will be the last day of our cycle but another full one as well. I have an Airport Mass Casulity Drill scheduled in the morning and our “Fired Up For A Cure” event that evening.

Not only will I be there, I’ll be wearing a pink shirt. YEA … a PINK shirt!

I’ll post more on the shirt deal tomorrow or next day.

In the meantime, Rhett has more details on the event over on Va Fire News … CLICK HERE .

Like I said … it’s gonna be a wild cycle … you’d better BUCKLE UP!

I’ll check back in as soon as possible. Until then, Stay Safe and In House!

Captain Wines