Charlotte's Bravest … The Shamrock Express make the grab!

You may remember a post  I did a few weeks back about Charlotte North Carolina’s Engine Company #15 … The Shamrock Express.

View that post ” Bad Publicity (?) .. FIRE .. and LOTS of it ” by clicking HERE

I wasn’t sure if the final version of the media’s video from that day would be positive or negative  for  for the members of Station #15, The Charlotte Fire Department and the Fire Service in General.

The post received a ton of hits, several comments and even a few phone calls.

This wasn’t a negative post about The Charlotte Fire Department or the members of Engine 15. In fact, I’m a big fan of  The Shamrock Express … here’s a quote from the previous post ..

As I said, I know the men of Station #15 (some personally, others by profession). They’re good firemen … the best of the best in Charlotte. I have family  in the Charlotte area and I can tell ya that if they had to call 911, I’d want 15 on the run.”

Well, last week; the members of The Shamrock Express lived up to their reputation. The incident made the local news tonight and this time, without a doubt; the publicity is ALL GOOD.

Firefighter Josh Johnston (and his crew)  made a daring rescue! He crawled past the fire to locate a trapped occupant and was able to bring him out to safety just seconds before the conditions worsened to a point where they would have been unsustainable for the victim.  “Josh put himself in peril crawling under the fire to get to the man.  It was amazing,  said Captain Hildreth

Here’s the Video from their local News station …. WELL DONE BROTHERS …SOLID WORK !

Coverage from  HERE 

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines