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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Back to work!


We will actually be heading up a few days early. Rhett will be leading the Social Media crew this year while I'll be working with Dave Statter and the Production team. We shouldn't be too hard to find so, if you're attending; be sure to look us up and say hello.

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South Dakota Part 3


I'd dare say that there are not many Brothers or Sisters around today that can say they have actually discharged water from a 1903 Waterous pump! The Brothers and Sisters of the Chancler VFD gave Rhett and I the opportunity of a lifetime!

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South Dakota part 2


The Brothers and Sisters of Pierre rolled out the red carpet for us.They even "toned out" over their pager system that we had arrived and for all available members to report to the station. We were honored by the turnout!

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Is simply "Remembering" enough?


It's more than a t-shirt, helmet sticker or catchy slogan for me. I hope I don't need any of that crap. I'd rather you know that I remember EVERYDAY and would hope you can tell that by my actions and not by the slogan on some shirt or hat that I'm wearing.

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How to "shock" a porn star


Rumors are ABUNDANT! We are hearing of a member having either resigned or haven been fired, a Captain on or off of administrative leave, inappropriate text messages, pornography, a DUI, revoked licenses, a picture of a moose with 2 assholes and even that there is no such thing as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus! WTF? I wish I could elaborate more but apparently, a "gag order" has been issued and nobody can tell me exactly what it is that I'm not supposed to talk about.

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Arrangements for W.D. Patterson


Many Brothers and Sisters all across the Country are already saying that they will carry W.D's picture as they climb on the 11th . I can't think of a better way to honor his accomplishments and memory.

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The calls you just can't "shake"


They were babies .... just babies. So small that Scott carried (ran) them both out to the ambulance at the same time. The 3-year-old Jaide and 2-year-old Marcasite, were later pronounced dead due to smoke inhalation.

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