When kids are involved …..


The things we see and do on a daily basis are difficult enough but when there's a kid (or kids) involved, it's much more difficult.

Hunter-and-Captain-Wines-sharing-Roanokes-fire-history-250x250There are two little fellas that I'd like to tell ya about tonight…

The first one is Hunter Mosley.

I first introduced you to Hunter a year ago (11/25/12) right here on Ironfiremen.com. You can read that post by clicking the link below….

Read "Pride…going the extra mile and making a kid smile"

As I explained in the above link, Hunter has Cerebral Palsy (link). He also has a huge admiration for firefighters and the Fire Service.

He thinks we're the heroes and is too young to understand that the challenges he faces and overcomes on a daily basis is an inspiration to us. Hunter is my hero!

He loves meeting and visiting firefighters. Firehouse tours and getting to see the various rigs truly make his day. In just the last year, Hunter has amassed quite the following. His Dad (Baron) created "Team Hunter".  Here's how he explains it….

581637_452179284847152_1945967109_n"This is dedicated to show support for my son Hunter who was recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Hunter is wonderful 4 year old boy who's greatest passion and joy in life is any and everything having to do with Fireman or the Fire Service! To see his eyes light up whenever he visits a Firehouse or sees anything related to the Fire Service is truly a sight to behold! Fire and EMS providers in the Roanoke City, VA area have TRULY embraced my son, had him for station visits, photo shoots, given him fire service memorabilia, t-shirts, helmets, photos, books – which has truly brightened his life beyond words. But his greatest source of happiness is being embraced and TRULY accepted by the Fire Service "Family"! I am aware that due to his diagnosis my son will never be able to grow up and live out his dream of being an "operational Fireman", but as one local Fireman recently told me 
"Being a Fireman is more about having the heart and love for the job, which he so clearly has… so in OUR hearts Hunter already IS one". 
The purpose of this is to spread the word about my amazing child and his love, admiration and passion for what you all do, AND in doing so hopefully expand his "Fire Service Family" as far as possible! Nothing would make him happier! Things that members of "Team Hunter" can do to show their support and truly warm his heart? Post pretty much ANYTHING related to the Fire Service on this page! Rig photos, crew photos or even just a simple "hello, Hunter" comment! Current Team Members have done hundreds of photo shoots here in Roanoke City, and we will be posting MANY in the coming days, so keep checking in! So come aboard! Join Team Hunter!"

new Team Hunter shirtsThe reason I wanted to talk about Hunter tonight is because he has some new merchandise available.

Pictured here (right) are the new shirts. They turned out pretty cool (I like the cammo). Click the photo to enlarge and see all 4 shirts!

Team Hunter also has tetrahedrons and window stickers available.

All of the "Team Hunter" swag is available exclusively at First Due: Fire / EMS Gear located in Salem, Va.

Although I don't see the new shirts listed yet, you can visit First Due at the links below ….

First Due: Fire / EMS Gear web site HERE or First Due on Face Book Here

Find and Follow Team Hunter on Face Book… click HERE!

Tyler ShannonThe 2nd little fella I want to tell ya about tonight is Tyler Shannon.

Tyler is the 4 year old son of a firefighter from my Department and shift.

Tyler has been diagnosed with Retinoblastoma (link) and is to begin intense Chemotherapy at UVA's Medical Center this week.

Tyler and his family (our family) need your help. 

Thoughts and prayers are always needed, welcomed and appreciated but, this time; we're asking for a little more than that. 

The Shannon family needs financial support and I'm hoping we can "rally the troops" and help a Brother in need. The Fire Critic posted about Tyler yesterday (use the link below).

Click to read "Firefighter's Four Year Old Son Needs Help. All Call For The Brotherhood" 

We collected a respectable amount of money today between all our stations and there has been a "Give Forward" donation site (link) established as well. I'm asking that you take a moment and donate as little as $5.00 on that site. There is a $7.90 "transaction fee" added to whatever donation you make. You can add your own amount by clicking "other" next to the amount tabs.

You can include a message along with your name when making a donation. We know that many of you may wish to remain "anonymous" or wont include your names due to being from outside of our area. Rhett (Fire Critic) had a GREAT idea, in his post; suggesting that if that's the case you list it as from "The Brotherhood". 

I would add that you include your Department / Company name, shift etc. I'd then suggest / ask that you challenge the companies surrounding you to match your donation.  Use the link below to make your donation now!

Click HERE to Donate NOW to the Tyler Shannon Retinoblastoma Fund!

Please "like" and "share" this post with as many people as possible. THANKS in advance for any and everything you can do to help this Brother and his family in their time of need.

Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines