Mr. Grinch?…. Santa’s Sexy Helpers dropped by!

5-201x300Some of you loved it…. others hated it.

You may not have even missed or noticed it’s absence.

I had somewhat of a tradition here on for several years around Christmas time. For the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day (and coinciding with the Fire Critic / Ironfiremen  12 Days of Christmas Give-a-Way ) I would post a picture of what I hoped Santa’s helpers looked like.

Not the little elves with curled toes and pointed hats mind ya … I posted what I hoped they looked like…. what I would want MY helpers to look like (yea I know … but I’m stuck with Rhett…LOL)

It was what some would call “eye candy” for my male readers. I called them “Santa’s Sexy Helpers” and they were… SEXY that is!!

None of them were nude although some of them were border line. Obviously, the guys LOVED it! Christmas morning was always the best.

Some found it in poor taste. I don’t know .. but what I do know is that I don’t mind saying what’s on my mind … mine or yours sometimes. I (and a lot of other  Firemen… married or not) like to look at beautiful women. It doesn’t mean we love our wives any less. The only thing we like more than looking a a beautiful woman is looking at them in their underwear. The only way to top that would be if they were wearing ….ummm … errrrr … ok .. you get the picture. It’s human nature.

Santas-helper-199x300In my defense, several of my female followers commented and demanded that I not leave them out in these postings. They wanted to see some male helpers!

How could I not oblige? (I am a “giver” after all …LOL)

So recent “helpers” even included males.

Much to the disbelief (and disappointment) of my readers, the male photos I used were NOT of me (although I did use one of The Fire Critic and Dave Statter one year)

Well, it was a difficult decision but obviously I’ve decided NOT to post Santa’s Sexy Helpers this year…. male or female.

For one thing… I didn’t want to distract from The FireCritic / Ironfiremen 12 Days of Christmas this year. True to our fashion … we’ve stepped it up BIG TIME and made this year’s our BIGGEST and BEST yet!

We had nearly $10K in prizes (yes… as in $10,000 DOLLARS worth) with each package valued at $200+ We had over 8,000 people registered to win, 16 supporting / sponsoring companies and 29 Prize Packages!

You can view the complete Prize Package and STILL ENTER TO WIN right up to December 25th by clicking HERE.

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2014The 2nd reason is kinda what I talked about above…. I don’t want the site to seem “tacky”.

What kind of Image am I portraying if I use pictures / depictions like the one  here on the right?

Would it be in poor taste or make me a good judge of art? (click to enlarge)

Would it make my female followers up set?

Would it make my male followers happier?

What’s the message here? Half naked gals in little Santa out fits? Real women don’t dress like this at Christmas. Do they? (if so, you can private message me the pics as proof..LOL).

Oh decisions…. DECISIONS.

Santas-sexy-helper-Christmas-DayWell. the Grinch hasn’t stolen Christmas … at least not here at The Ironfiremen World Headquarters anyway.

The stockings are hung, a fresh cut cedar is up and packages are mostly wrapped.

I hope you understand that I’m trying to move this site forward and that’s the reason I’m not posting pictures of Santa with scantily clad women (like the one pictured left) under the tree this year.

I’m bigger and better than that.

How many times do I have to post quotes from or actually PULL “The book”.. Effective Company Command (link) anyway? From page 121, paragraph 4…

“A drive through most any community is likely to present an occasional view of feminine charms. It is not the intent of this book to discourage the pleasure generally associated with such a view. However, it should be recognized that one of the factors which sets professionals apart from nonprofessionals is emotional restraint. A fire company which is viewed hooting, hollering, whistling or staring transfixed at an attractive female is likely to be categorized as a band of sex-depraved barbarians. On the other hand, a reasonably quick glance (maybe even accompanied by a collective smile) will assure their viewing public that their firemen are normal, red- blooded American males.”

Male-Santas-Sexy-Helper-220x300Again, I hope you all understand and agree that I’ve made the right decision.

After all, it is the “content” of this site that keeps you all coming back … or at least I would hope so.

I don’t need to cheapen it with nudity. We do follow a code of Morales and Ethics here …. I’m just not sure whos …LMAO

So anyway, I wanted to let you all know why I haven’t posted any pics like these or previous year’s of Santa’s Sexy Helpers for 2014.

There comes a time in a persons life when they just have to take a stand.

Don’t forget to use the links above. You can STILL ENTER to WIN in the 12 Days of Christmas…. you can “like” me (Iron… not Willie Wines Jr) on Face Book and read a previous post. THANKS as always for sticking with and following me.

Keep checking back as I’ll have a Christmas post up as well as a Year in Review very soon.

I hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas / Holiday Season and spend it with Family and Friends. If ANY of you are alone this season and need a place to go…. MY DOOR IS OPEN AND YOU ARE WELCOME.

PEACE be with you all ….

Captain Wines