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Climbing out ….


I'll never get to make "those" calls again ... not to Jackson and it's killing me. This grief ... the depression.... it keeps knocking me down but I won't let it keep me here.

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We are all climbing


Tomorrow, Rhett (The Fire Critic), Kevin Tottin ( Salem Fire / EMS ) and I will arrive in Baltimore, Md for Firehouse Expo 2011. We have a very busy work schedule through Sunday. We will be there working with Firefighter Netcast  and will be set up in Booth #743 with the likes of  Bill Schum ( Fire Geezer) and Dave Statter ...

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Warm thoughts, extrication and Santa's Sexy Helper Day 17!


I just got a call from a buddy who is down in Florida. The Temp is in the upper 60′s and he’s walking the beach in shorts. Another good friend, Captain Joe Schmoe; over at Report on Conditions titled his last post  “Heat Wave.  The temp there yesterday was 78. He even has pics but he’s NOT gloating. Grrrrrrrrrrr! It’s ...

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Wounded Warriors

As with all his postings, it is well written and touching. He somewhat "opens up" in the post. That's something most Firemen have a difficult time doing. He showed personal feelings. He showed he cares. He is passionate about our profession and strong in his beliefs. Something in this post upset him and it showed... he cursed...

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Elections and Network member MIA.


Just a quick Monday night update. First off, tomorrow is mid term elections. I hope you’ve all done your homework. Back during the  Obion County / South Fulton FD fiasco many folks were unhappy and didn’t understand how or why the decision / policy makers there could allow situations such as this exist. It was said by several people to ...

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