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There’s more to the job than badges and bugles ….


What I'm most proud of though is that I was able to make an impact on the Department, it's members and the people we served. I wont go as far to say I left the Department better than I found it because it's such a different Department today and I'm not sure it's all "good". Let's just say that, like so many others before me; I made a difference (yea Mutter ...I know...LOL).

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Keeping Firefighters Calm….

Photo from WDBJ 7

I always worried that what she had to hear me say and do would affect her. That it would affect how she handled the incident and that, in turn; would affect the other companies / members. It never did. Like Cindy, Sarah was a good dispatcher.

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Retirement…. you know when it’s time.

Photo by Kyle Green Roanoke Times

My dad has been retired from the job for several years now. I’ve been fortunate enough to see several good firemen make to retirement age and beyond. I’ve also seen a few that retired and passed soon after, never getting to reap the rewards of their labor. In a Face Book post yesterday, I mentioned some big news coming today. ...

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Early retirement ….


It used to be, when we got hired; it was a given that you'd pull 30 years .... you WANTED to do 30. Now, it seems like everyone is simply reaching for the Rule of 70's and looking to get out as soon as possible.

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Randy's Moma …


I haven’t met her yet but Im sure Randy’s moma is proud … if not, she should be.  Me? … I’m undecided as of yet. Now, don’t get me wrong … I like him. He’s eager to learn. Open to new ideas and challenges. He has adapted well to change and is a genuine good person. See previous posts on “Rookie Randy”  HERE     ...

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More on Chief Slayton, visitors, the Buckaroo and more…


First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers following the loss of Chief Slayton. The outreach from across the Country and throughout our profession has been comforting to many. I was looking through some of my pictures last night and came across a few I’d like to share. I mentioned that Bobbie and I were ...

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The man we simply call "MEAT"


Just a quick post (catch up) tonight…Yesterday, Keith “Meat” Blankinship pulled his last shift. Meat retired after 22yrs of service with the City (2 with the EMS Department, 20 post merger), he is 49 years old. I have known Keith his entire career. We actually volunteered together back in ’88-’89. He is responsible for getting me interested and so involved ...

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