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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Early video. House fire fully involved!

This video of a fully involved house fore in the 500 blk of Middle Road in Buena Vista, Va. was taken by cell phone and uploaded to You Tube.  It appears that the video was shot before any water was put on the fire. Some very brief local coverage can be found   HERE Also check out Buena Vista’s web site  ...

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Home Again!


Back safe, sound and somewhat relaxed. I know I had a few of ya wondering with my last post ... ok it was more of a "rant" than a post.

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Counting Backwards!

Ok, so I’m laying here trying to fall asleep knowing that I have to drive to Fla and back by Saturday. I’m thinking of how tired I already am. I’m thinking of how tired you guys must be as well. We are and have been doing too much with too little! America HAS FORGOTTEN!! IT’S A  SHAME!!! Here we are ...

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Yea… I’ve been absent a few days.  I gotta tell ya … it’s just been tough lately.  I’m pulling my 24′s at the firehouse and then working as hard as I can … finding anything that will pay to try and keep the farm “out of the red”. I’m worn out. We’re hauling any and everything, working other folks cattle ...

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Roanoke County Fire / Rescue endorses Rampage Football!


Sorry I didn’t get a post up last night … I just wanted to keep that “support system” up for as long as possible..LOL You guys know how it is in the firehouse …. RUMORS are rampant! There has been one circulating for over a year now and I am shocked and disappointed that it has taken me this long ...

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