FDIC 2011 update

Wow !!! What a day. Networking, registration, setting up etc and we haven’t really began to work. It’s been a long but very fun day. Again, we have met so many people who know our name or face (well … my face anyway). The networking and discussions have been awesome!

I can’ believe I’m getting paid for this …. I still don’t understand why but I’m glad Art gave up the position. Anyway, I have too much to tell and too little time. It’s almost 1 am and we have a long day tomorrow. That said, I’m just gonna give ya a bunch of pictures from the days events.

I’ll follow up sometime tomorrow with some descriptions and details of whats happening here in Indy. As always, please remember to “share” , “friend” or “recommend” us on Face Book or to “tweet” the post so as many people as possible can see whats happening at FDIC.

Rhett will teach his Social Media class tomorrow at 13:30 in room 134-135. John and I will be manning the Firefighter Netcast controls from the Fire/Rescue Magazine Booth (#4244).

We’re here all week … look us up. Visit in person or contact us via Rhett’s cell which can be found on his Face Book Page

Enjoy the pics … details a bit later…

MN8, Zach Green, Fox 59, Foxfire

Willie Wines Jr, Rhett Fleitz, Ironfiremen

Stay safe and in house!
Captain Wines