I almost cried … FDIC continued

I haven’t talked about it a lot but now I can. He’s been nervous … real nervous. Rhett has been scheduled to teach at FDIC for some time now and I can tell how it has worried him in the past few days.
He’s been a nervious wreck!  He hasn’t slept a wink since we’ve been here.

Wednesday night, I gave him an extra bottle of milk and rocked him for more than 2 hours before  he finally fell asleep. Thursday morning, I got him up, got him his bath, ironed his cloths and got him ready to start the day (quite a task for a 34 year old…LOL)

It worked… the little fella looked “rested” for the first time since we pulled outta Roanoke.

As I said, I got him up, gave him his bath, ironed his clothes and got him dressed.

I took him to the lobby for a pop tart and bowl of cereal …..

Got his coat , sweater and back pack on and put him on the shuttle to the conference center…. I didn’t know how it would turn out.

In the end, my “little buddy” did perfect. A solid 10! He ACED it!

His Social Media class went great! All the worry and fretting for nothing! I was like a father sending his son off to school … PROUD! LMAO … I say that jokeingly but also very seriously.

This was the first time Rhett has presented this calss and he did it at the largest venue in the Fire Service… FDIC. Not only did he have the brains and balls to pull it off … people actually showed up! 70-80 people with some great reviews. A total success for the expectations he had going into this deal.

CONGRATULATIONS to Rhett for a job well done! He represented himself, his companies, his associates and Department very well.

Ok, so I got Rhett off to school and then I had to help John (John Mitchel) setup the Firefighter Netcast Booth and prepare for our days work.

As usual, Fire / Rescue Magazine set us up in their booth. A little work here and there, some pre-casting check offs and we were open for business.

We had some open space in the schedule which allowed us the time to meet some new companies / folks and conduct some random interviews.

Part of our job here is recording pod cast for Fire/Rescue Magazine Editor in Chief Tim Sendelbach. This is not the first time we’ve done this for magazine nor the first time we’ve had Tim behind our mics.

It’s a GREAT oppurtunity. Tim attracts and schedules so many great and “big name” guest.

The neat thing is that we get to hear these folks speak first hand on topics that affect and impact the fire service in a huge way.

Yesterday, Tim had the Brunicinis on. Not just the famous Chief Allen Brucini but The Chief AND his sons! WOW! Me and the Brucinis … now theres something you don’t see everyday!

We met so many great people (as we always do) and I’m thankful to John and Rhett for allowing me to be a part of Firefighter Netcast.

Not all of the people we met were guests on the show.

We had friends and fans stopping by all day. “Fans” .. can you believe that? I have fans?

LOL .. well it’s true. Heres a brother who stopped in to say hello. I can’t remember his name but he is actually from a town pretty close to us … Wythville, Va.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by the booth and say hello … it was humbleing and a pleasure.

The “floor” of FDIC is AMAZING! This place is HUGE and every vendor in the country must be here. They opened the exhibit floor with Pipes and Drums … very cool

We got a few short breaks during the day and took a little time to hang out at the Black Diamond booth.

We got an up close and personal look at several boots from the owner himself Alan Lunder.

Rhett was like a kid in a candy store ….

He picked up, touched and tried on every pair of boots that they had on display.

Me? I found the Black Diamond girls.


Sorry folks… I hit “publish for this post and then realized that more than half of it was “lost” somewhere.

I’m gonna throw in several pics here and then catch ya up a little later… sorry for the screw up.

Sorry for the screw up…. I’ll fix it in a bit.

Stay Safe and in house.

Captain Wines