Statter naked, tons of pics and More from FDIC ….

Ok, let me clean up the last post a little or at least explain some of the pics. I don’t know how but I managed to loose more than 1/2 of it in the publishing process. I was pushed for time so instead of rewritting the whole thing, I just threw in several pics for ya.

I basicly ended with Rhett and me visiting the Black Diamond Booth. We got a great tour / demo from the owner himself Alan Lunder.

 We also spent some time with the Black Diamond Gals ….

Yea… that’s the pic I’ve been waiting all week to get!

Notice the girls and I are wearing the new X2 14″  pull on Fire Boot

I have some more exciting things planned with Black Diamond and will fill ya in as soon as I get all the details finalized.

Thanks again to Alan and Black Diamond Boots for all they do! Take the time to visit their web site and order your pair today …. tell em I sent ya.

We also spent some more time with Zach Green of FoxFire.

Rhett (Fire Critic)  began a 3 part “product review” for FoxFire just last week. I think I’ll be doing one for them as well.

You guys know me well enough by now to know that I tell it like it is. If I don’t like something (a product etc) … I’ll say it and I wont push or promote something that I don’t believe in or trust either.

That said, Zach’s product is unbelievable.

It’s not without flaw and there is room for improvement in every new product. Another good thing here is that Zach listens.  He is a firefighter himself so he knows how we are…..  he’s “one of us”

He has already gotten imput and suggestions and made the necessary adjustments.

I can’t wait for you guys to see this stuff in action … and you HAVE to. It’s just that difficult to explain adequately.

The other cool thing is that he not only has FoxFire Gals … he has something better…..

That’s Ayrie Uckotter who pulls everything together for Zach … her official title?? “Illuminating Goddess”

Look for more exciting news about FoxFire and their products in the future here at Ironfiremen or from the FireCritic.

So, after the floor closed Thursday, we headed out to an event called Stop, Drop and Rock and Roll.

The event was held to raise money for The National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation.

After dinner and drinks, they held an auction to raise funds for the foundation .. Chief Billy Goldfedder had the honor of being the auctioneer and did a fantastic job.

We never miss an oppurtunity to snap a pic and “compare staches” when we’re together and this trip was no exception. Chief Billy came up to say hello and we grabbed this shot…

Yea .. I know … he’s got me. Great Stache Chief!

Speaking of the auction … the top bid went to a leather helmet from PHENIX  . The helmet went for like $4,000. Yea… 4 GRAND and worth every penny if you ask me.

#1 … it was / is a GREAT cause.

#2 … The helmets are GREAT! Look, fit, functionality, customability etc … you gotta check out these folks and their line of products (hit the link above). Their price includes your choice of liner and the shield … AND THE SHIELD. Here’s a shot of a natural colored on with an awesome shield…

Again, look for more and exciting news about the National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial in the future here on Ironfiremen.

We shortened our stay at the Stop Drop and Rock and Roll even to make yet another dinner with Elsevier, Go Forward Media and Firefighter Nation. It made for a long day but worth every minute.

Yesterday was just as busy. I spent the day back in the booth with John Mitchell and Firefighter Netcast. It’s a great “gig” for a man in my position.

I get to listen “first hand” to so many great speakers and interviews. A big part of our job here at FDIC was recording interviews for Fire Rescue Magazine.

Just like at FRI in Chicago, Editor in Chief; Tim Sendelbach conducted the interviews and once again he did a fabulious job!

Here, he’s pictured with 2 of his 4 guest. The “Bloke” in the middle is from Australia while the gentleman to the far left hales from Sweden.

It was a GREAT interview. I can’t give away too much here but I will say the discussion will change the way you think … and maybe even operate. The other guests had been involved in some live fire studies conducted in Chicago. The information they were able to collect and diseminate may change the way we work. More GREAT STUFF from Fire Rescue Magazine!

After a long day in the booth, we headed out for a cold beer before attending the “Meet Up”.

We ended up stopping in the “Wild Beaver” …. I LOVE THIS BAR!

LOL …. This is our waitress. I don’t know her name and it really doesn’t matter

We had met up with Mike Smith of Boron Extrication .

It was cool to once again “put a face to a name” here in Indy.

If you’re on the job or anywhere are extrication, Mike’s site is a MUST read.

This was his first time meeting me or Rhett and attending a Fire/EMS Blog Network function. I think he enjoyed himself and actually seemed pretty excited about the experience. It was great to finally meet ya Mike … keep up the good work!

So, the next stop was the “Meet Up”

The meetup was hosted by Fire Rescue Magazine, Firefighter Nation, and and sponsored by ISI and Black Helmet Apparel.

This is where I caught Dave Statter Naked …

Get your minds out of the gutter! I can’t believe you guys read this far waiting and hoping for a shot of Dave in “the buff” … you’re all SICK ..LOL

What I mean is that this is the first time I’ve seen Dave where he WASN’T working. He ALWAYS has a mic or video camera in hand looking for that next big story.

Here, I caught him relaxed. No computer, no mic or camera … just enjoying the evening. The sad news is that it didn’t last long.

Our sponsors had TONS of “give aways” for the night and they chose Rhett to “do the honors”

Poor Dave… he was CRUSHED!

Once again the “Fire Boy”  from Roanoke managed to top Dave Statter

Right place at the the time ???  Who knows the story here is that it brought Statter to tears… yea … I got the pic!

That’s Dave wiping a tear ….. LOL

All kidding aside, the Meet Up was GREAT!  Thanks to ISI and Black Helmet Apparel for sponsoring the event.

We made it back to our hotel room and got up once again this morning to stand our post on the exhibit floor for the final hours of the show.

We ended the event  with an interview with  “Doc” Multrup.

Tiger Schmittendorf (from the Firefighter Netcast show Story Tellers ) spent some great one on one time with the Chief Emeritius from Hyattsville, Md.

I love Tiger’s “platform” on FireFighter Netcast. He does just what the name says … he records our stories… our history.

That said, Doc Multrup had some great tales!

Again that was the part of this job that I enjoy so much …  hearing these interviews in person and first hand!

We finished our work week with a Firefighter Netcast business  lunch / meeting.  There, I got to meet Chief BillyHayes. Chief Hayes is the newest addition to the  Firefighter Netcast family. His show will focus on prevention and risk reduction in the fire service. I have meet Chief Hayes before and can assure you that this is yet another show on the netcast that you will not want to miss.

Another note here is that all the Pod Cast this week were sponsored by FD LiveIn and Wall Shields.

This pic is of Chief Ed Plauger.

He was being interviewed by Tim Sendelbach …

Chief Plauger was the Incident Commander at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 ….

Yea …. he was the man who handled ALL OF THAT.

Again… I heard Chief Plauger speak about Incident Command FIRST HAND!


My point here was to hit FD Live In and Wall Shields for their support. Please take the time to hit their links above and see what these folks are all about!

I’m a huge fan of both and luckily, I got to spent a lot of time with the guys from FD Live In….. Nick and Nick (Big Nick..Little Nick)

Big Nick and I seemed to “connect”

He stuck to me like glue and was really cool and fun to hang with.

Knowing how I am… I had to screw with him a little … imagine that…

I got him on the “arm wrestling” deal. I always pick the biggest, meanest, youngest guy in the room. I do that because I’m the exact oppisite…LOL.

We were talking about “the job” size … heart etc. so I challanged him. “I’ll arm wrestle ya for $20 bucks”.

He bit. We made it all the way to the table and even locked grips. Then I continued our conversation. Size makes no difference. Age neither. I had the advantage because I had a tool. Not just ANY tool … the best any of us can carry … OUR HEADS.

I had told him I’d “arm wrestle” for $20 … I NEVER said I’d beat him…… LOL. It was all in good fun and I think he even learned a lesson. Anyway, thanks to Nick and Nick as well as to Wall Shield for the  fun night!

Ok, so I hate to drag this post on and on but there has been so much here at FDIC to talk about. I guess in the end, its about all the people we met and the conversations we had.

People I’ve never met … old friends … leaders in the Fire Service etc… It was a good trip. Now, I have to pack up and prepare to head home in the morning to check in on the Buckaroo and catch up on all the farm work that has been neglected this week.

I’ll leave ya with some more pictures and maybe even a brief description … thanks for following … don’t forget to “friend” “share” and “Tweet”

I check back in as soon as I can .. You guys stay safe and in house…

Captain Wines