You all know by now that Rhett and I have just returned from a trip to Northern Kentucky and Ohio. As with all of our travels, this journey was special. We didn’t know that it would be when we headed out. We’ve described our latest experience as a “home coming” , “emotional” and near “spiritual”. Even now, words can’t describe a lot of what we see, hear and share together while out on the road.

We have some great conversations. With the people we meet yes but, I’m talking about just between the two of us … while driving. We’ve even talked about taking the “zoom” and recording our conversations while traveling (we haven’t yet but should).

On this trip, we talked a lot about “motivation”. Why isn’t everyone as motivated about the job as we are? How can we motivate them? Who can motivate them? It’s a great discussion.

My name even popped up (of course it was just the two of us in the van). On a recent trip, someone called me “America’s Fire Captain”….LOL! I don’t know about all that but I will say that America’s Fire Service is in need of more “leaders” to step forward.

Rhett and I have actually been tossing around and working on our own “motivational speaking/speech” presentation … one  geared specifically towards Fire/EMS although I’m not sure who would want to hear it (I know plenty who need to).

Anyway, I’ve heard 2 GREAT motivational speeches in the past few weeks. The first, came from good friend and “True” Fire Service Leader Chief Billy Goldfeder. He was speaking to a graduating class of Fire Cadets.

See my post  “How to motivate a Rookie” by clicking HERE

The second, Rhett turned me onto while driving to Ohio. This speech is also being delivered to a group of graduates. The audience here is a class from the US Air Force Academy. The speaker is General Welsh USAFE  CC. My title is a quote from his presentation.

The video is just over 50 minutes long…. TRUST ME …. don’t hit play until you’re dedicated to watching the entire video … IT WILL BE THE BEST 50 MINUTES YOU’VE SPENT TODAY!

Stay Safe and in House!!  Thanks for reading..

Captain Wines