Smoke, fire, a priest and a 3yr old!

It’s been a mad house around here!

The weather is unbelievable. It’s 60 degrees one day and blowing snow the next.

All I know is that the Buckaroo and I took full advantage of the couple of warm days we had over 4 day break.

We actually worked pretty hard on the cold days as well but the good news is that we got a lot accomplished.

I get a lot of comments / e-mails etc asking about “the Buckaroo” so I figured I share a few pics from this week with you. He’s actually became pretty popular on the site.

A lot of folks seem to think he’s my son but he’s actually my grandson (yea … I know I don’t look that old..LOL).

He’s only 3 years old but has been with me on the farm pretty much every day that I’m not on duty. I even made a bracket to mount his car seat into the tractor when he was a baby (now he drives it).

The comments often range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some  say how “cute” and “cool” it is that I keep him with me while some have threatened to call Social Services .

LMAO … TRUST ME … the Buckaroo is VERY well taken care of and far from neglected.

If you ask him …. HE owns the farm and every piece of equipment we have…

It’s “his” tractor … “his” truck … “his” cows etc…. sometimes, I feel like I’m working for him…LOL

I wish I had the farm years ago and could have spent this much time with my daughters. If I only knew “then” what I know “now”.


 I’m thankful for a job that allows me the time at home. I only wish it paid enough that I didn’t have to spend every day “off ” working a 2nd job.

The good news is that the work I do on my off days is enjoyable to me and being able to share it with my grandson is an added blessing.

We have some great adventures together and I almost feel young again…ALMOST.

LOL… sometimes just trying to keep up with him wears me out!

So, for everyone asking about the Buckaroo … he is doing very well and THANK YOU for asking.

I thought about starting him his own “Face Book Fan Page” but it seemed kinda creepy.

I will try to add an album of Buckaroo pics on my FB page so those of you needing a “Buckaroo fix” can keep up with his adventures.

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Ok, so last cycle; I was busy filling you guys in on our latest New York City Trip. THANKS again to all who donated and help support Brothers Weidmann, Gersbeck and the FDNY Rescue 2 Mayday Fund! 

I didn’t get to make a “regular” type post or to keep you updated on things happening here in “The Noke” so I’ll try to catch ya up now.

We did catch a little work last day (Monday).

Thankfully, we were on it quick, nobody was injured and the damage was minimal.

Randy was detailed down to station #5 who was 1st in. He still can’t grasp the term “Medic truck” so we’ve just been telling him that he’s riding the “life saving crew” …. LMAO … THAT he understands!

So 5 rolls in with light smoke showing and goes to investigate.

The Captain radios back that they have a “working fire” and directs his crew (of 1) to make the stretch.

The Chief was in house with 5 and established command very quickly. He calls me on the radio to advise me that 5 has a hydrant and gives us an assignment to search (yea… searching from an Engine … that’s what you have to do when you run with a minimum staffing of 3 ).

I’ve got “Boots” (Todd Harris) riding backwards and I’ve got to tell ya .. it felt great! Usually, I’m thinking, worried about Rookie Randy…. is he with me? Is he in a good position? Is he paying attention etc. With Boots, I don’t have to worry about any of that.

We came off the rig, I get my hook and tell boots to take the fire floor from side Alpha and that I’ll take the floor above from side Charlie … “I’ll meet ya on the 2nd floor”. Not the best but that’s how we operate.

The fire was a small kitchen fire located in the rear B/C corner of the home. We approached from the Bravo side and placed our rig on Alpha. I walked the Delta side to get to and enter from Charlie giving me the full 360 view of the house. I was quick to get by the fire room and locate the stairs.

For as little fire as there was, it was a pretty good smoke condition on the 2nd floor (low heat). When I came out of the first bedroom, I seen a MN8-FoxFire helmet band coming up the steps and knew it was Boots. We searched the remainder of the 2nd floor together like a well oiled machine. As a Captain, there’s not a better feeling than watching your men do their job and do it well. Boots is a good fireman!

Our searches were negative ( ALL CLEAR ) and we finished up by doing some ventilation, salvage and overhaul work.

We did get to see Rookie Randy out in the front yard…..LOL

He even changed my bottle for me ( I wont mention that he put an “empty” on me before Georgie pointed it out to him)

Units on scene were C-shift .. Engines 5, 13 and 2. Ladder 5, Medics 5 and 2. Battalion Chief 1 and 2, Support 2 and our investigation unit. Another good job by all members on scene!

I also had a special visitor / guest on the middle day of last cycle. Our newly appointed Department Chaplin, Father Sandy Webb stopped by.

You may remember my January 19th post titled   ” I need a Priest “. Well, Father Webb is back from his trip and graciously accepted my request to bless my new helmet.

He was excited and for several reasons.

First off …he had just gotten his name and title sewn onto his turnout coat. He was beaming with PRIDE.

He was also excited to know that would have the honor of posting the first ever pic of him in his gear!

Check out that new white helmet Father Sandy is sporting (I’m still wearing my old helmet in this pic).

LMAO .. how odd / funny is that? A Priest excited about making it on THIS site!

I’ve posted about Father Webb several times here on the site and remain excited to have him as part of our family.

A Chaplain Program is nothing new to our Department but this is the first time it has taken a hold and actually been productive.

A lot of that is due to Father Webb and his commitment to our members.

He’s the first Chaplain we’ve had that you can / will actually find / see in a firehouse.

He was also excited because we caught a run while he was here.

I figured… he has a badge, coat and helmet so we put him on the rig!

After getting back to quarters, we shared a few stories over some coffee and cake but Father Webb was on a tight schedule. He had never blessed a helmet before and asked if there was any “traditions” etc that he should know about. He also wanted to know if we would do this in front of everyone or alone.

Having my helmets blessed is a personal tradition of mine so I decided to do it in private. I haven’t really discussed it with the boys but I’m sure they didn’t mind.

I have to say that this was by far the best and most memorable blessing I’ve had done (and I’ve gone through several helmets). Father Webb came prepared. You would have never known it was his first.

I wont share his exact words but he asked a blessing upon me and the helmet. I found his words comforting and am honored that he accepted my request. He even made me a card to place inside my helmet to remind me of the occasion.

“This Fire Helmet was Dedicated to the Greater Glory of God and Blessed for the Protection of Captain Willie Wines Jr by the Rev. Sany Webb on Saturday February 4, 2012”  

I haven’t placed the helmet into service yet because I still need a new “front”. Of course if you read the previous post I linked to above ” I need a Priest ” then you seen and remember that Rhett had the Brothers over at Box Alarm Leather LLC make me a custom front.

That front is just too nice to wear on my “first out” helmet. So, as soon as we get that new front in here this fancy new Phenix leather will be in service … I CAN’T WAIT!

Special thanks to Father Webb for the “Blessing” and everything else he does for me and my Brothers and Sisters here in Roanoke.

I’m going to wrap it up here for tonight but promise to get back with another post tomorrow. I have a lot of exciting news to share as far as new web sites and projects that Rhett and I are involved in ….. 2012 is going to be EXCITING !

Until I get back… stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines

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