Did ya feel it??

My post last night was titled “where were you when the world stopped turning?” . Well it didn’t stop today but it did shake a little…. in Ohio anyway. Why you may ask???

I’m in Newark, Ohio with Rhett and Dave Statter …. yea…. they’re together!

We’re up here because they are presenting on Social Media for the Ohio Fire Chief Association’s Leadership Seminar.

“Presenting” as in teaching … TOGETHER … IN THE SAME ROOM!

In speaking of Face Book, one of the slides says .. “If Face Book were a Country”  …. it continues to say that it would be the 3rd largest in the world (behind India and China) but I say it still wouldn’t be big enough for these two heads / egos …LMAO!

All kidding aside, the Ohio Chiefs assembled here are getting one hell of a class. The only way it could be any better would be if we had Curt Varone of Fire Law Blog  along.

Despite all of the rumor and hype, Rhett and Dave work very well together …. especially in this arena.

It’s actually very funny because I get to see both sides. When in public, they are always throwing “jabs” at each other (although they are very professional while teaching / speaking) BUT …. when we are alone, they can often be seen holding hands and skipping down the hallway of our hotel…LMAO (I throw up in my mouth every time I see it).

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If you or your Department hasn’t had a class on Social Media …. it’s not too late. We see so many Chiefs who say our Department doesn’t have a web site or Face Book account so “we’re not on it”. Our reply is simple …. how many members do you have?  How many of them have Face Book, Twitter accounts etc?

“I don’t know”

Then guess what???? Your Department IS on Face Book, Twitter etc. If those members post pictures, comments etc then they are putting a view / perception of your Department “out there” and you have no idea about it. No idea and no control. You should see the look on their face when they realize it. In some cases, I will actually locate pictures etc of that Department’s apparatus etc and show them.

The material covered goes much deeper than this. Today’s presentation was broken into 7 sections over 6 hours and we just “brushed” on the topics. It’s a GREAT presentation and TRUST ME …. you and your Department NEED IT!

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I also need to say what GREAT hosts the Brothers up here in Ohio are. We are staying at and the seminar is being held at the Cherry Valley Lodge . It’s a VERY nice venue but of course … that’s how we roll!

We were met with open arms and Assistant Chief  Tom O’Brian even invited us out to Newark’s Station #1 for dinner this evening.

The entire group has been very interactive with the presentation and is full of what seems to be some forward thinking and good Chiefs. I can’t name them all but just for example, we’ve met Chief Tom Stewart and his Assistant Chief Matthew Noble of the Orange Township Fire Department .

Chief Rick Anderson of the Ashland Fire Department  ( IAFF L-1386 ) is also here and playing a huge roll in making the event run so smoothly. Again, I can’t name every Chief or Department represented but again I’ll say TRUST ME … the Ohio Fire Chiefs are a great bunch of guys who seem to “get it”.

I’ll try to post more on today’s events and tonight’s dinner later on tonight. Rhett and I have a few stops to make along the way of our trip home tomorrow and they should make for some good stories as well. Until I get back to ya … try to picture Rhett and Dave holding hands and skipping down the hallway (without upchucking) but most of all …. stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines