Firefighter of the Year


In the face of adversity, the members of L-1132 (and firefighters around the Country) accomplish extraordinary deeds in service of their fellow man. The room last Friday night (as is our firehouses everyday) was full of sacrifice and true Heroes.

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RIT “tips” for the over weight / out of shape firefighter…. Avoid the funeral!


I think the member who asked the question already realizes this ... otherwise, he wouldn't be seeking the advice he is (he's planning / preparing for these "bigger" firefighters to go down). Why are these members inside anyway? Why are they even on the Department? Is their potential heart attack, stroke or death worth the benefit of having them as members? THINK ABOUT THAT.

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Into The Smoke


"Kevin O'Toole and Ethan Sorrell were trapped in a house fire on February 24th, 2012 in Prince Georges County Maryland. They were both riding Truck Company 9 of the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department responding to a reported house fire in the first due response area of a closed firehouse. After making entry, conditions rapidly deteriorated causing Kevin and Ethan to be trapped and severely injured.

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Staffing saves lives!

10 15th st sw E9 crew

Shortly after his size up, Captain Perdue transmitted that he had multiple victims hanging out of windows (of the upper floors) and the hallway / stairwell heavily involved with fire.

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Fortunately spared


Unlike when the Derecho hit, we were not caught off guard. We were kept informed, given up to date projections / information and provided the necessary resources.

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