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Climbing out ….


I'll never get to make "those" calls again ... not to Jackson and it's killing me. This grief ... the depression.... it keeps knocking me down but I won't let it keep me here.

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Looking back On Baltimore. Firehouse Expo 2011


WHAT A WEEK! You should all know by now that Rhett (Fire Critic), Kevin Totten (Salem Fire/EMS) and I spent the better part of last week in Baltimore, Md at Firehouse Expo 2011. We had a GREAT time surrounded by friends, fans and Brother and Sister firefighters from across the Country. Rhett and travel a lot together but this trip ...

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We are all climbing


Tomorrow, Rhett (The Fire Critic), Kevin Tottin ( Salem Fire / EMS ) and I will arrive in Baltimore, Md for Firehouse Expo 2011. We have a very busy work schedule through Sunday. We will be there working with Firefighter Netcast  and will be set up in Booth #743 with the likes of  Bill Schum ( Fire Geezer) and Dave Statter ...

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Middle day, 4th of July weekend


Another beautiful day here in “The Noke” and we’re stuck on duty. It’s almost scary …. pretty weather, the 4th of July eve and we’ve actually been pretty quiet. I’m just waiting for the bottom to fall out. I’m hoping for a quiet night but know how it will most likely end up.  Either way, we’re ready for it. My ...

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