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Early retirement ….

It used to be, when we got hired; it was a given that you'd pull 30 years .... you WANTED to do 30. Now, it seems like everyone is simply reaching for the Rule of 70's and looking to get out as soon as possible.

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Old firemen and dirty balls

I’m getting old! Well, I’m not so sure 41 is old but at minimum, I’m worn out. As young privates at #5, Scotty (Scott Mutter) and I wanted to, could and did run all night. Back then, we were busy. We caught a lot of work but also wound just as many street boxes (I even had the nick name ...

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Man what a change! From the Southern Shores of Nags Head back to reality. Again I’m not so sure that “sick a day, Tuff a day” saying is all what it’s cracked up to be. The boys have done a good job of looking after me though so it hasn’t been that bad. The morning started off just as every ...

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