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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Covering on A-shift again


It’s not my scheduled day but I’m covering a tour for a brother which has me riding down at “The Big Show” on A-shift today. Engine 1, Ladder 1, Medic 1, Battalion 1 and RS1 are housed here along with of Chief’s administrative offices which are located on the 3rd floor. There was a time in my career that I ...

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May be my longest post ever…sit down.. we'll see


First off, I need to say that my / our thoughts and prayers go out to several folks this week / today. We have had some family members of our brothers pass this week. 1st Lt. Riddle from down at “The Deuce” lost his brother this past week. I haven’t spoke with Brian since his passing but hope he knows ...

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Blog Camp UPDATE


I mentioned in my last post that Rhett was off to “Blog Camp”. I’ve gotten a few comments concerning his trip and even received an update from none other than Dave Statter himself! (WOW… Statter sent ME an e-mail)… Here’s what he said.. This is to inform you that Rhett is adjusting well to camp life. He is enthusiastic and ...

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Well.. kinda. I’m working on A-shift today. Rhett REALLY REALLY wanted to go to “Blog Camp” this year and needed a day off so I stepped up to the plate. I understand they will have live exhibits on typing, multi tasking, media uploads etc. Vendors will have the newest crayon colors on display as well as many other art and ...

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A lot to cover…


Ok folks.. it’s our first day back and I have a lot to cover tonight. It’s kinda going to be like a roller coaster because I have both good and sad to cover. First off, it’s taken a while for it to get out but we (Roanoke Firefighters), the State and Nation have lost a GREAT Union activist / leader, ...

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I know, I know! So I haven’t posted in a while AGAIN. I told you folks I have a lot going on right now and reminded you that past all this personal stuff, this is my busy time of year on the farm. It’s not that I don’t want to post because I do. Believe it or not, I’ve grown ...

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