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No indictment from Rocky Mt. Va. Grand Jury in the double LODD of Chief Posie Dillon and FF Danny Altice

This past Wednesday, a Rocky Mt. Va Grand Jury decided not to indict driver Terry Valentine on charges of vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and failure to yield. WDBJ 7 news has the story below.

The fatal accident happened this past July while Chief Dillon and Firefighter Altice were responding to a report of a structure fire. You can find coverage of the incident from The Fire Critic  HERE or from VA Fire News   HERE.  Funeral coverage can be found on Va Fire News as well … HERE and   HERE.

The story from WDBJ7 on the Grand Jury’s failure to indict can be found  HERE. Take the time to read this brief article and then the comments below. You’ll find words  such as “scapegoat” along with questions like “ Are firefighters above the law in Franklin County?”

My thoughts on this issue and more in future posts…. what are yours?

Stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines

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  • Jimmy Hise

    the Grand Jury was correct, Ms. Valentine wasn’t at fault! The truck was going too fast, busted a red light without due regard for safety. I’m very sorry that 2 firefighters lost their lives in this, but we all need to learn from this. Remember it’s not your emergency, you first have to get there safely! The goal was and remains today, everyone goes home!

  • Celayne

    My first reaction ia WHY wasn’t she indicted and second- lets just hope she is in need of the firedepartment or medic soon. Now- I know they will respond but I’de sure not be in a hurry.
    This non indictment shows a lack of respect for emerhency vehicles and staff everywhere. Sirens and lights were on- she didn’t here or see? Didn’t look at the intersection even though she had a green? Two men dead because they didn’t plow into her I’m sure.Now if that were the case- I bet they would have been indicted.

  • Celayne

    The truck was going too fast and busted a red light- Well thank you for that info that has not yet been provided in any media format I’ve seen. Yup- not her fault- those guys acted like they were going to a fire or something.

  • C. Sharp

    I agree…she did nothing wrong. So she didnt hear the siren. That happens daily. I climb behind the wheel of a 60,000 pound ladder truck every day I come to work. LOTS of people dont seem to hear us…..every day. You become a very very defensive driver! It was an accident. Sure she had the green but you are suppose to yield to an emergency vehicle…. she didnt hear it. (we) the FD are suppose to STOP at all red lights. That dont always happen but we always slow drastically so we can stop on a dime if needed. We are lucky enough to have head sets on our truck so we can talk among ourselves and hear each other very well. The Captain (front passenger) helps by giving a “clear” or “stop” when going through an intersection. Arriving safe is a team effort. That incident was just a terrible accident. Speed and a quick reaction to her pulling out caused the truck to roll and crash. She should not be charged in my opinion.


    There’s an old saying in the legal profession that a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich if s/he wanted to. The fact that a grand jury refused to indict Ms. Valentine should tell us something.

  • Maxwily

    No seat belts, speeding, and blowing a red. As much as the son wants justice, the driver of the SUV is not the person to extract it from.