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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Great start to the Black Diamond X2 Boot give away!


WOW! What a great start to our “Give Away” ….. I’m very excited and proud to be able to team up with Black Diamond Footwear and give back to our readers, fans and followers! After all, it’s all of you folks who made and have kept this site going!   THANK YOU. If you haven’t heard of the X2 boot yet, ...

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Get your free pair of Black Diamond X2 Boots!


That’s right … another “give away” … this is your chance to win a FREE pair of the Black Diamond X2 Boots ! Everyone knows I am the Black Diamond Footwear 2011 Fire Blog of the Year . I was not content with just letting myself sit back and bask in the glow of being the winner. I decided to swindle ...

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"Sh%*" Burns!


LMAO…. we’ve been saying it all along and now, The Fire Geezer has confirmed it! Check out Bill Schumm’s latest post about a NYC fire   HERE I can’t help but to to think about   Nate Demarse    and the other Brothers and Sisters of the FDNY who have to face “crap” like this… (did you get that??? “Crap” like this …LMAO).  All ...

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FDIC bounce back


I’m just beginning to feel normal again after returning from FDIC on Sunday. Our flight out of Indy was delayed and for once, our travel  woes were not due to Rhett’s scheduling or planning. This time, it was Mother Nature and despite her best efforts, we arrived home on time and with ALL of our luggage ! It was a ...

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Swift Water Rescue in Roanoke

Snow and cold temperatures add to the realisticness  of Roanoke’s Regional Heavy and Tactical Rescue training. The Regional team consists of members from Roanoke Fire / EMS,  Salem Fire / EMS  and Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Departments. Captain Chad Riddleberger explains that in temperatures ranging from - 10  to  +110 degrees, Roanoke Valley’s Bravest are on the job! Stay Safe ...

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IAFF loses another Icon


IAFF reports the loss of General Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus Vincent J. “Vinnie” Bollon. Brother Bollon passed earlier today (March 28, 2011) while at home. Mike Ward .. aka “Fossil Medic” has the story over on Fire Geezer. Brother Bollon served as IAFF General Secretary/Treasurer from 1988 – 2010. He was one of the longest serving “principle” Officers to date. ( Also ...

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Statter naked, tons of pics and More from FDIC ….


Ok, let me clean up the last post a little or at least explain some of the pics. I don’t know how but I managed to loose more than 1/2 of it in the publishing process. I was pushed for time so instead of rewritting the whole thing, I just threw in several pics for ya. I basicly ended with ...

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I almost cried … FDIC continued


I haven’t talked about it a lot but now I can. He’s been nervous … real nervous. Rhett has been scheduled to teach at FDIC for some time now and I can tell how it has worried him in the past few days. He’s been a nervious wreck!  He hasn’t slept a wink since we’ve been here. Wednesday night, I gave ...

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