Under Watchful Eyes and Capable Hands


I also have a promise to keep. A BIG one. A promise to a man whom I looked up to and admired. A man whom I do not want to let down. A man who I hope to one day meet again where he can tell me that I met his expectations.

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Setting And Leading By Example…

Photo by MichaelOlszewski

I'm supposed to lead by example. You are too .... each of us.... no matter the years of experience or rank. I hope by posting this I am. It's surely another teaching point and quite possibly the most important lesson from the weekend. Clean and carcinogen free .... IT'S THE NEW "SALTY".

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50 Fires…

18th and Rorer 4-20-2008

"One of the things all of us here are impressed by is his knowledge in strategy and tactics and his uncanny ability to locate the seat of the fire and the fastest way to get to it."

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2015 South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo

Parade during the SAFR Expo 2013

The Fire Critic and I will be on the road again this week. We should be easy to find Thursday – Sunday at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo (link) in Raleigh NC. The Model City Firefighter (Andrew Catron), Bob Gard (Engine Co Apparel) , Gary Lembcke, Mike Parris and many more will be joining us …. we hope to ...

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New Training Program from NFPA…Alternative Fuel Vehicles


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has announced the launch of its new Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program for U.S. Emergency Responders* (See below), which is now available online. This free, self-paced course teaches emergency responders how to safely deal with emergency situations involving alternative fuel passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and commercial fleet vehicles.

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Yea..I’ve gone to fires

Captain Willie Wines Jr by Nate Camfiord edited

Yea, I've seen work but I've seen a lot worse between those jobs. I'll take the fires any day over some of the other runs we take in. We see how people live... neglected elderly, sick, cold and / or hungry children. It's not all about going to jobs and making grabs.

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