What’s happening in the Fire Service…

Critic helmet cam

Of course, that topic in itself is a HUGE debate within the Fire Service.... leave companies together of bust em up on a regular basis. Stay and learn your territory or bounce around and always be on edge? Become comfortable with your crew or work to fit in, find each other's work habits and find neutral ground? There are advantages and disadvantages to both ....

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Yea, Firefighter Lives Matter Too


As firefighters, we see and do things on a daily basis that most people never will (and shouldn't have to). We see and do these things without hesitation yet there was no way we could have known or been prepared for the life we were about to devote and expose ourselves to.

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Catching up …..

The Fayetteville fire department responds to a fire at Ponderosa Apartments on Saturday, September 28, 2013. The fire swept through all eight units in the building.

Rhett and I will be speaking Friday morning but the bigger news there is that we will be following the keynote .... BOBBY HALTON! (yea FDIC attendees... THAT "Bobby Halton").

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Proud to be an American ….

Baxter Black

For those of you deployed, serving our Country, pulling a tour or on duty (military or public safety) somewhere, here or abroad .... THANK YOU. For the families of those who have lost a loved one in Service, THANK YOU as well! We are thinking of you and remembering your loved one this weekend!

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The Demers Difference!


50 years of experience and customer feedback have led to continual improvements, driven by the philosophy that every single detail contributes to a superior vehicle. Demers ambulances deliver significant and tangible added value, low operating costs and excellent, 24/7 after-sale service.

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