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Monthly Archives: January 2011

A reader run blog …


What an idea right? Well it seems as though that’s is exactly what has turned into. Here we are, in the middle of the   Black Diamond Boot 2010 / 2011  Fire / EMS Blog of the Year Contest and my postings have been sporadic at best. Well, who needs the author when you have fans (readers) like mine! You ...

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400 votes!


This is awesome! Thanks ! This morning, we hit 400 votes received in the Black Diamond Boot 2010 Fire Blog of the Year Contest. Voting is open through January, you can vote every 6 hours in 2 categories .. once for your favorite “Fire Blog” and once for your favorite “EMS Blog”. We are currently leading the “Fire” side by ...

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What a difference a day makes….


The good news is that I got the “Cowboy Cadillac” back. I have been without my truck for 2 weeks and I’m not sure how much longer I could have made it. She laid down on me while hauling hay from Captain Flora’s farm. Lynn is the Captain on A-shift at Lucky #13. See the related post  HERE. Lynn was a ...

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100 votes toward 2010 Fire Blog of the Year!


By now, everyone knows about the  Black Diamond 2010 Fire / EMS Blog of the Year  contest hosted over on Fire Critic. I was nominated for the Fire Blog of the Year and the voting has started. You are allowed to vote once every 6 hours per computer. When the voting opened up, I posted 2 “hidden” or “covered” pics. ...

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Just like I told ya!


Ok… I told ya in the last post that we would be taking it to the next level and it all begins  NOW! Voting for the  “Black Diamond 2010 Firefighting Blog of the Year”  in now open and I am a nominee! I am STOKED! The contest winner will receive a brand new pair of   Black Diamond boots   plus own ...

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