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3 alarm fire in Roanoke, Va


The fire would empty every firehouse in the city causing the Department to "call back" members for duty. Typically, those members "called back" will staff "reserve" apparatus and place stations back in service.

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Someone you need to know …flowing foam, dragging 2 1/2", visitors and more


TRUST ME .... get to know this guy and support the National Firefighters Endowment ANY WAY YOU CAN! These are the folks helping us... the firefighters. In these times of cut backs in staffing, salaries, station closings / brown outs etc .. who else is on our side? Shane gave a GREAT interview in Rhett's 2nd "20 Questions" installment... he explains a lot of what the NFE is all about .... take the time ... READ IT!

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Catching up and a simple "Trick of the Trade"


Well, the good news is that I lived 12 hours following my last post  and made it to 4-day break. As usual, I’ve been just as busy at home on the farm as I am while on the job. We’ve been lucky enough to have been getting some much needed rain. Our hay fields are once again green and have responded well to ...

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Back to the grind stone …


We’re back on duty after another work filled 4 day break. Usually, I don’t work the guys on Sundays or holidays but today had to be a little different…. we got our new “rookie” this morning. I’ll get to that in a minute. To begin with, it appears that our brothers on B-shift had another butt – kicking tour. You ...

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Yea… I’ve been absent a few days.  I gotta tell ya … it’s just been tough lately.  I’m pulling my 24’s at the firehouse and then working as hard as I can … finding anything that will pay to try and keep the farm “out of the red”. I’m worn out. We’re hauling any and everything, working other folks cattle ...

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Behind every good fireman…


And  NO, I’m not talking about a Medic  LMAO!!! ( just kidding guys). I am talking about our wives or girlfriends. As big, bad and tough as we think we are…. take a minute and think about the women who keep us going. Taking a little heat, some smoke, a little hard labor… that’s nothing compared  what most firefighters put ...

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