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A needed distraction …


It's gonna feel good to be back in New York, in my kilt and working. I'm excited! Hell, just being able to wear my kilt will make the trip worth while (of course I'll wear my kilt ANYWHERE).

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Smoke, fire, a priest and a 3yr old!


We came off the rig, I get my hook and tell boots to take the fire floor from side Alpha and that I'll take the floor above from side Charlie ... "I'll meet ya on the 2nd floor". Not the best but that's how we operate.

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I know ..


I know, I know .. I haven’t posted all week and, once again; I apologize. I know I say it all the time but I just been covered up. It’s the start of the “busy time” for the farm and the weather has actually cooperated this week. I’ve been putting in as much time as possible to get prepared for ...

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Behind every good fireman…


And  NO, I’m not talking about a Medic  LMAO!!! ( just kidding guys). I am talking about our wives or girlfriends. As big, bad and tough as we think we are…. take a minute and think about the women who keep us going. Taking a little heat, some smoke, a little hard labor… that’s nothing compared  what most firefighters put ...

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A reader run blog …


What an idea right? Well it seems as though that’s is exactly what has turned into. Here we are, in the middle of the   Black Diamond Boot 2010 / 2011  Fire / EMS Blog of the Year Contest and my postings have been sporadic at best. Well, who needs the author when you have fans (readers) like mine! You ...

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Taking it to the next level ….


It always comes or happens before you’re ready or expecting it but when the time comes … it comes. Here at the Ironfiremen Ponderosa, it seems as if that moment is upon us. We have moved to another level and it’s all encompassing. The Buckaroo, the farm, this blog and even my friends have been affected. I LOVE it … ...

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Another level of fame!


Oh yea.. I’m hitting the “big time” now! I bet Statter or The Fire Critic don’t have a Christmas oriniment … well, I do. Kinda … sorta… At least Hydrant Gal “thinks” it’s me ..LOL How’s that for a headline Statter?? “Ironfiremen’s influence has no borders” .. (she’s from Canada Dave). Cool huh? I’ve followed Hydrant Gal for some time ...

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